Paris Knife Attacker Killed by Gun

Let’s see the gun-control, pro-Islam nutsacks explain this incident.

In Paris where guns are illegal but jihadists wield knives like Mexican kids offer Chiclets, an attacker killed four police officers. At their headquarters.

The three policemen and a female police administrative worker were killed by a fellow member of staff, who was later shot dead, according to a report I read at CNN.

I like how CNN put that last part: by a fellow member of staff.

And the symbolism of the location hasn’t gone unnoticed by this black man, as the the police station is located near Notre Dame Cathedral on the Île de la Cité in central Paris.

Who did it?

OK Inspector Clousseau; take a wild guess.

The French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner provides a few clues. Castaner said the assailant was a 45-year-old man and had been an employee at the police station since 2003. There is no indication of a motive yet.

Hmm. A 45-year-old man. Well that certainly says a lot. I’m guessing this man was nicely tanned, wore a beard, and prayed six times a day facing Mecca?!

And what of this “man’s” longevity at the police station. He worked there since 2003. Worked? Try “embedded” there since 2003, waiting on the proper time to strike.

So let’s look at that motive.

The proper time to strike? When does one strike when inflicting terror?

Why can’t the media and the Frenchies just report things as they are.

This was a terror attack, most likely. And a likely Muslim knife attacker killed four police officers, before being brought down by, wait for it…a gun.

I’m not one to gloat, but this attack has all the info we Bible-thumping, pro-Second Amendment Americans need to thumb our noses at the Left.

Leftists don’t have the guts to admit to all the subtle details in this brutal attack. Four innocent people are dead at the hands of a person they were conditioned to trust. And this “man” didn’t use a war weapon to do his dirty work, but instead used a weapon of death that kills more people in a year than the maniacs using AR-15s kill in a decade.

Four people had their lives cut short, their libraries burned down. Anybody think the Left will dig deeper into this story? Will they profile the families of the four people killed, or tell us the dreams of the fallen?

There exists those on the Left who wish this attacker had been a white man who used an “assault weapon” to kill four innocent people. Had this been the case, you know the rancor those gun-control, anti-white-male clowns would be saying.

But because the killer almost definitely was not a white male, this story will be considered no big deal by gun-owning Alyssa Milano or others of her ilk. Nor will the eventual revelation of the “man’s” religious affiliation matter. No Confederate flag to bemoan.

I pray for the families of the four police officers who died. People willing to die in the line of duty who never believed they would die at the hands of one they believed to be one of their own.

Wake up France. There is much to learn from this “man”.

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