Ukraine Will DESTROY Biden and Democrats

Democrats tried to use Russian to destroy Donald Trump. And when that didn’t work, they enlisted Ukraine.

And in an interesting twist, Ukraine will bring down the Democrats. As David Catron wrote:

The Democrats increasingly resemble those wannabe jihadis who blow themselves to rags by mishandling homemade explosives. Their animus for President Trump is such that they consistently underestimate the danger to themselves presented by “bombshell” revelations when managed with insufficient care. The already questionable credibility of Elizabeth Warren was recently damaged when, based on a now-debunked New York Times story, she precipitously demanded the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. A similarly impulsive Democratic response to the “explosive” claims made by an anonymous intelligence official about a telephone conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will inevitably explode in their faces.

It’s already begun.

As National Review reports, Ukraine will begin by reopening the case with the Bidens.

Ruslan Ryaboshapka, Ukraine’s prosecutor general, told reporters Friday that Ukrainian prosecutors were conducting an audit into 15 cases conducted by former prosecutors, all of which relate to Mykola Zlochevsky, owner of the gas company Burisma Holdings that hired Hunter Biden in 2014.

“We are reviewing all cases that were closed . . . to make a decision on whether this was illegal,” Ryaboshapka said in a press conference. He did not comment on how many pertained to Hunter Biden directly, and dismissed claims that he was being politically pressured. “Not a single foreign or Ukrainian official or politician has called me or tried to influence my decisions regarding specific criminal cases,” he said.

The cases that involved Burisma were closed in 2016 and centered around tax irregularities, not Hunter Biden’s appointment. At the time, the company announced the investigations were shuttered due to a lack of evidence, and that Zlochevsky was never charged and had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

No matter how this case ends up, Biden is kaput. Ergo, his campaign is over.

Almost all polls show Biden’s plummet. And Biden’s poll plummet is matched by his fundraising which has him placing 5th among Democrats in the last FEC report.

Nevertheless, Biden will make one final push. We learned that Biden plans to  spend $6 million in ads in upcoming caucus and primary states. Biden could spend $60 million and get the same results, as this tree bears no fruit.

Even if Biden were to be exonerated by Ukraine or China relief will come too late. However, Biden won’t be exonerated. Because he’s guilty.

But there are other reasons. Like Ukraine and China know the political calculus of destroying Biden and the Democratic Party. Versus supporting a weakened Biden and his feckless Democrat followers. Put another way, it is in Ukraine’s and China’s best interest to prove Trump right.

Both countries need to be perceived as being tough on corruption. And while China might see this as a potential trade negotiation tactic, what would they gain?

Nothing. As I said earlier, Biden’s political career is over.

And with Biden goes the Democratic Party. Over the cliff. Any short-term gains on trade would disappear in a future negotiation.

Both China and Ukraine realize the present and next four-year future of America is Donald Trump. Which means they realize that Democrats are at their weakest and most vulnerable state.

Sadly for Democrats, they have no negotiation room. They’ve lost massive amounts of power with the demise of Baby Black Jesus, and the fall of the Clinton Mafia. So Democrats should not expect any help from abroad. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Ukraine will seize the opportunity for sure. And only one country is all Trump needs to put the nail in the coffin of the soon to be Schiffless Democrats.






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