ABC Denies Holding Back Epstein Story

ABC insists they didn’t hold back the story that would’ve cut Clinton’s power three years ago.

But the evidence says otherwise.

In this world, everything is seemingly judged by how many clicks or views you get. So why didn’t ABC run the story? I’ll tell you the first answer that came to my mind. The Clintons must’ve gotten wind of it and exerted their power.

Why not?

A little meeting on the tarmac effectively killed the Comey’s investigation of Hillary’s emails. And that’s just the tip of the Clinton scandal collection. How many times did Hillary silence her husband’s victims? Does the name Juanita Broaddrick ring any bells?

Still, ABC insists they’d follow the ratings if they had an explosive story. Meanwhile, a star anchor insists the story was “ready to go.”

As the Epoch Times explains:

Amy Robach spoke with alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts in 2015. Robach was captured on a video recorded in August, around the time of Epstein’s death, and released on Nov. 5, saying, “She told me everything. She had pictures; she had everything. And she was in hiding for 12 years. We convinced her to come out. We convinced her to talk to us.”

“It was unbelievable what we had. [Bill] Clinton, we had everything.

I tried for three years to get it on to no avail, and it’s like these ‘new revelations,’ and I freaking had all of it,” Robach said. She also said that Buckingham Palace put pressure on ABC, with fears an interview with a royal couple would be blocked if the story was broadcast.

ABC said in a statement that the reporting on the story, the evidence for which Robach said was “solid,” didn’t meet its editorial standards. “We have never stopped investigating the story,” it said.

Chris Vlasto, head of investigations for ABC News, told NPR that the story wasn’t aired because the network couldn’t corroborate some details.

“We would never run away from that,” he said. “We would never kill a story about Bill Clinton. Or we would never kill a story about Prince Andrew. That’s what’s ridiculous on its face. That’s a great story. So if we could do that story, we would have done it!”

But they didn’t do it.

Why Not Now

One would think with all the hoopla surrounding Epstein recently, now would be a good time to air the story.

Instead, ABC simply sits on it.

As ET reports:

“I have never been told that it would never run,” Stan Pottinger, a representative for Roberts, told the Hollywood Reporter. “As far as I know, it’s still in the can. As far as I know, they could still run it. So, I cannot explain why they have not.”

He said Roberts’s team didn’t understand why ABC couldn’t run the story.

“I don’t remember any reason not to run this that makes sense to us, either as a manner of editorial policy or as a manner of law,” Pottinger said.

Reacting to the leaked video, he added: “I don’t think it does a great favor to ABC’s editorial policy, and their business policy.”

Still, he defended Robach and said his client “had a lot of confidence in them, and still does.”

Caught On Tape

If you’re wondering where this story about the squashed story comes from, once again we can thank Project Veritas for their incredible work.

Someone at ABC News leaked a video to Project Veritas, and they made sure to use it as evidence in the court of public opinion.

In a statement, Robach mentions her frustrations.

Of course, she’s frustrated. She knew eventually Epstein would be headline gold. Although I’m not sure why she felt the need to throw the network a bone with her “in the years since” disclaimer. Perhaps she’s nervous about her job security. Still, we had every right to learn what Robach already knew. Had the story broke three years ago, the line of victims could’ve ended three years ago.

Just watch and see exactly what Robach knew.

If I were a lawyer, I’d be looking for every victim since that story was put together, and I’d personally make ABC pay for their failure to protect the public.

Meanwhile, Epstein is currently the meme king.


It seems the entire internet is now dedicated to linking the Clinton’s to his death. You know what they say… life imitates art.


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