Did You See Comey’s Tweet on Impeachment Acquittal?

James Comey wishes for an entirely different political landscape. After all, a Trump presidency is not what he was promised.

When Comey and his team committed treason, they executed their orders based on a guaranteed Clinton win. What they did would not be considered treason by the new Clinton administration. In fact, they would get medals for bravery!

But a Clinton win didn’t happen. So now Comey must try to protect his forever-stained reputation with his desperate tweets. In his most recent, he declared:

Trump won’t be removed. But we’ll be fine.

One would think that Comey would stop tweeting. Because social media is cruel to the man.

The prevailing response:

If there’s any justice in this country, you won’t be.

A few other responses to Comey:

Imagine if you didn’t need to let America know you were investigating one candidate for 20 years of back emails while you failed to let us know the other one was owned by Putin. This is mostly on you buddy. This mess we are in.

Replying to @Comey

@Comey, shut the hell up. At this point, nobody cares what you think.


Your trial is next

We are already fine, Jim. Where have you been?!

Former FBI Director James Comey penned an op-ed in The Washington Post on Friday maintaining that the U.S. won’t unravel even if President Trump is not removed from office.

“I don’t buy the stuff about the United States’ democracy dying. Its death has been predicted regularly for two centuries,” he wrote. “Yes, a lot of Americans vote for people of poor character who then don’t act in their interest, but that has been true to varying degrees throughout our history.”

The op-ed comes as Senate Republicans gear up to acquit Trump on two articles of impeachment that the House passed in December over his dealings with Ukraine.

In a 51-49 vote, the Senate on Friday shot down a measure that would have called witnesses in its impeachment trial, setting up a final vote Wednesday in which Trump is virtually guaranteed to be acquitted.

As we said yesterday:

It’s a sad day for Chuck Schumer, as he declared the impeachment “the biggest cover up in history.” Sorry Chuck, you don’t quite have your facts straight. The Democrats embarked on the biggest witch hunt in history and they lost. Only one question remains.

What will Democrats try next?

I can’t help but think of Nancy Pelosi’s smug face as she declared “he’s impeached forever.” No Nancy, he’s acquitted. Forever!




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