Trump Has Democrats by the Yang!

The Democratic Party slowly extricates itself from its minorities. Soon, the Party of Lynching of Negroes will look much like it did back in the 1860s.

The only minority remaining is the marginalized Pacific Islander, Tulsi Gabbard. She’s got it all going against her: young, pretty, female, and military veteran. What could Democrats possibly see in her?

I suspect when Gabbard goes, we will find a similar story to that of Andrew Yang.

Speaking of Yang, Democrats have a surprise waiting on his voters. According to The Hill’s Saager Enjeti, some Yang Gang members now plan to vote for President Trump.

Enjeti tweeted:

Hearing from some members of the Yang Gang who now say they will vote Trump 2020 because they want to support a working class candidate but don’t like Bernie’s culturally woke element. Interesting phenomenon

Ouch. That wasn’t expected. But it gets worse, as Enjeti tweeted of a 28-year-old who explained his decision:

A 28-year-old father of two. That’s Gen-Z. Isn’t he forced by socialist edict to support Bernie Sanders or be sent to a gulag?

Evidently he didn’t get the memo. The man commented that he was turned off by Democrats’ demonizing of anyone in the middle or anyone who leans Right. But his most poignant comment expresses what many Americans feel:

“I share both liberal and conservative views, and I am not a huge fan of Donald trump,” he said, adding that he can’t imagine supporting any of the other Democratic candidates. “Trump keeps things real I may not like what he says all the time, but who we see is who he is.”

Trump is real. And his track record speaks for itself.

People sense the genuine nature of Trump, despite media depictions. Further, the president created a booming economy. Low unemployment, booming stock market, job security, job mobility, higher wages, and so on.

Nevertheless, Democrats try to sell people on a different narrative, i.e. a false reality. They say the economy is in freefall. But when they aren’t saying that, they give credit for Trump’s economy to Obama.

Which is it? You certainly can’t have both.

Clearly, the American people see through the ruse. This man explained that a Democratic socialist president “would devastate our economy.” And he’s right.

So as Democrat candidates peel off one by one, don’t expect them all to vote for the eventual winner. Frankly, I expect most not to vote at all. But worse for Democrats is each voters who decides, “What have I got to lose…voting for Trump!”.

Because one vote for Trump is a two-vote swing.

Play the game of ‘Where will the votes go’ for each candidate. For example, if Biden loses and Sanders wins, where will the votes go? Most Biden voters won’t support Sanders. In a flipped scenario, the same is true.

Put Buttigieg, Klobachar, Bloomberg all in the mix, and what do you get? No consensus and a hodgepodge of vote-shifting, mostly not favorable to the Democrats.

So the Yang Gang foretells the future for Democrats. #Walkaway to Trump.

Meanwhile President Trump solidifies his base. I’ve said on my radio show that President Trump has added people from every group whom he lost in 2016. He slowly erodes the Democrats’ base while putting his base in concrete.

As many people opine, the only way for Democrats to win is to cheat. And you can bet they will.

They strategize at all levels to defeat Trump. Clearly, keeping the House is tantamount to their plans. Without Pelosi in power to allow shenanigans like what Adam Schiff pulled, Democrats hollow out their ‘disrupt’ strategy.

Know that President Trump’s team will fight to the death to win the House and keep control of the Senate. They know what an unobstructed Trump can do short-term and long-term for the Republicans. Mitch McConnell and Andy McCarthy see the future, and it looks good for the Red team.


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