Gillum Photos Emerge: Not Good for the Democratic Party

Check out the Democrats’ rising star. In all his naked glory, too.

To quote the Four Seasons band, “Oh what a night!”. Feces-stained sheets, meth, male enhancement pills and two naked men.

That’s a twisted frat party, imo. But that’s what Democrats do. They redefine things for us. So now, a (traditionally) married man with three children who Democrats touted for governor of Florida is found to be a meth-using philanderer, on the down-low.

Twitterer @almostjingo described it, and references an article from The Daily Mail:

Soiled sheets, prescription pills strewn everywhere, full bags of meth. Messy.

Messy indeed.

Holy Mother Jussie Smollett, now we get PICTURES!

Butt-naked and lying in vomit, the person appears to be Gillum. Was he set up? Some think so.

I will tell you, if that’s a setup it’s a good one.

Because there is NO WAY this very straight black man gets lured to a hotel room, stripped butt-naked, passed out from meth. And that’s not to mention the feces on the sheets. Well there is ONE WAY: with the Swedish bikini team!

This was no setup. This was Gillum living out his fantasies in his real life, while faking his other life as an up-and-coming Democrat politico.

Two-faced to everybody, including his lovely wife and three “chirrens”.

Adding to the controversy, people questioned who took the picture?

What’s Next for Gillum?

As expected, Gillum issued a garbled statement in which he blamed his inebriated state on too much alcohol at a wedding.

“I was in Miami last night for a wedding celebration when first responders were called to assist one of my friends,” Gillum said in the statement. “While I had too much to drink, I want to be clear that I have never used methamphetamines. I apologize to the people of Florida for the distraction this has caused our movement.”

He went on to thank first responders and asked for privacy.

“I’m thankful to the incredible Miami Beach EMS team for their efforts. I will spend the next few weeks with my family and appreciate privacy during this time,” he added.

Sadly, had he decided to spend more time with his family earlier, Gillum could have avoided such an embarrassing scandal. But don’t count Gillum out just yet. The Democrats are known for bouncing back from a scandal.

Comeback Kids

More than a few Democrats have risen above their scandals to find their way back to the ballots.

Ted Kennedy was said to have killed a woman by driving drunk in 1969. And the horrific accident wasn’t even enough to sober him up. Rumors always swirled around his drunken misconduct. Yet, Democrats called him one of the most-respected men in politics.

Furthermore, Democrat Marion Barry served as the second mayor of DC from 1979 to 1991. Later, Barry was elected as the fourth mayor from 1995 to 1999.

According to NewsOne:

In what should be evidence that no scandal is too big to prevent a politician from making an electoral comeback, District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry was busted in an FBI sting for smoking crack cocaine with a prostitute in a hotel room in 1990. Barry was forced to resign from City Hall as well as the City Council and was sentenced to six months in prison. But two years later he was re-elected to the city council and two years after that he was re-elected as mayor before returning to serve the city council from 2000-2014.

Additionally, Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank has an interesting story.

In 1989, two years after coming out as gay, Frank confessed to employing a male prostitute as his personal assistant.

Frank even admitted to paying the male prostitute for sex. Despite being reprimanded by the House, Frank was re-elected and served his 16th term in Congress before retiring in 2012.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Hillary Clinton.

While she is a presidential loser, she managed to serve in more than her fair share of public offices. And she’s racked up one scandal after another.

One of the early scandals was known as Travelgate. Shortly after Bill Clinton took office, Hillary fired seven employees of the White House travel office and gave the jobs to her personal friends/co-workers. Then there was the Whitewater real estate scandal that cost taxpayers upwards of $73M. There were missing files from Vince Foster’s office after his death and billing discrepancies at the Rose Law Firm. Further, the Clinton’s rented the Lincoln bedroom in exchange for political donations. And that’s no to mention Hillary’s involvement in bullying the women her husband allegedly assaulted. Yet, Hillary still managed to serve as a New York senator, then Secretary of State.

Of course, she went on to create many more scandals in those offices- including her famed email scandal and Benghazi to name a few. But the moral of the story is simple..

Don’t count Gillum out of politics just yet. A naked tryst followed by a stint in rehab isn’t enough to turn away democrat voters. Heck, I’m surprised no one’s trying to get Gillum to run against Trump, now that he solidified his fifteen minutes of fame.



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