CDC DRAMATICALLY Lowers Coronavirus Death Estimates

Leftists played right into President Trump’s hands. He warned them that the Chinese Wuhan Virus was little more than a seasonal flu. And the Left mocked him.

So Trump decided to play their game. And why not?

After all, Leftists said nothing when the H1N1 pandemic occurred under Obama. Despite comparative statistics that showed H1N1 to be far more deadly, the media were silent during the Era of O.

Leftists boasted that “Covid-19” would infect millions and possibly kill in the seven-figure range. Trump obliged them. He went with their numbers, saying he needed to stop the pandemic that might infect millions and possibly kill hundreds of thousands. He allowed a Leftist stooge to set the bar.

Before Sunday, the researchers estimated a range of between 39,966 and 177,866 deaths in the United States from coronavirus, with a best-guess estimate of 93,531 deaths.

According to The Daily Caller:

The researchers whose model the White House has used to help guide its coronavirus response lowered their estimate Sunday for the number of Americans projected to die during the first wave of the pandemic.

The model, from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, now projects 81,766 deaths in the United States through Aug. 1, with most of the fatalities occurring by the middle of May. The IHME team projected a range of between 49,431 and 136,401 for the same period.

The 11,765 fewer deaths would mark a 14% decrease for the model’s target projection, and a 30% decrease for the worst-case scenario.

So what else have Leftists gotten wrong? Short answer: everything.

Look back on all the things the Left predicted, then tell me why you would listen to anything they say.

During the 2016 primary, Donald Trump said that America needed to protect its border. We needed to know who was coming in the country as a matter of national security. Democrats accused Trump of being xenophobic and racist against “brown” people.

Next, when Trump issued a lighter version of the same travel ban issued by Obama against Muslim countries exporting terrorists, Trump was called Islamophobic.

As it turns out, both protecting our border and issuing travel bans paid dividends with the Chinese Wuhan Virus, as well as their intended uses.

Also during the campaign, Democrats predicted that electing Trump would cause a huge downturn in the economy. Some claimed that the stock market would crash, and others said Trump would take America into an economic depression.

Neither happened. Trump’s election created an avalanche…of wealth.

The stock market soared, and his policies led the best economic period in modern American history.

Record stock market, record GDP, and record employment to name a few. Had it not been for Trump’s policies, the political gamesmanship around the Chinese Wuhan Virus would have crippled the economy. Imagine if Republicans had done to Obama in the time of the H1N1 pandemic what Democrats tried on Trump.

At the same time in their administrations, Obama had already LOST over 5 million jobs. He admitted to having no idea of how to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, and the GDP never got above an average of about 2 percent.

Next, Democrats warned against the Trump tax cuts. Trump forged ahead to rinse and repeat the economic gains made by most Americans.

Companies paid bonuses, raised their minimum wages, and reinvested in themselves and their employees. For the first time in decades, gaps got closer. The gap between rich and poor, black and white, men and women in every bracket all improved under President Trump. And there were many more wonderful achievements by Trump, far too many to mention.

Consider that Trump accomplished all these things under duress. Democrats haven’t allowed President Trump one moment of cooperation, as they wage internal wars against him. And during this “pandemic”, nothing has changed for Democrats.

Understand that Democrats use scare tactics, because they can’t win otherwise. A functioning society is the last thing Democrats want. Because without people being scared out of their wits, they realize that government should be smaller, unobtrusive.

Consider that when you vote. Who wants you to control your own destiny, and who wants you dependent on Big Brother.



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