Rambling Joe Biden: Capt Demento Answers Questions on Pandemic

It’s interesting watching Creepy Joe Biden, the man I affectionately call Captain Joe Demento.

Democrats know Old Joe has been in the refrigerator way past his spoil date. Yet, he’s their choice to run against the best non-war time president in history.

Trump’s stellar performance overall, and particularly in the time of this China-created pandemic proves his mettle. So in what Democrats hoped would be Trump’s undoing, he triumphed. BTW you can’t spell “triumph” with out Trump.

In order to compete with President Trump, Democrats needed Joe Biden to step up his game. Or else. Back to that in a bit.

So Biden took the stage in an interview on MSNBC. His objective: to look presidential. Reminiscent of the time of Hillary Clinton ass-whooping, Democrats wanted Biden to be the “adult in the room.”

Watch the first 1:41 seconds of this video as Joe Biden offers his solutions. Then you will know why Democrats have a new Plan B.

Did you notice how he looks at his notes to answer the question? Without notes or a teleprompter, Biden showcases his “diminished capacity”, as some Democrats delicately call it.

In the video, when his mind wandered even as he READS THE NOTE, he was forced to ad lib. That’s when the Biden train derailed. Partial Transcript:

“And in order to avoid that — those very high (death) numbers, we have to do at least several things.

One, we have to depend on what the president is going to do right now. And first of all, he has to tell — wait till the cases — before anything happens — look, the whole idea is he’s got to get in place things that were shortages of…”

So Biden never got to his second point. But he went on to add:

“We’re not testing enough people. We don’t — our first responders, docs and nurses, don’t have the gloves, the masks. They don’t have the equipment they need. We’re short on ventilators.

And as this spreads to other areas, and which is likely to do, we don’t have the capacity to surge the equipment that they need.”

Hmm, to surge the equipment they need?

After this, Biden repeats himself. He again mentions the needs of doctors and nurses:

“We have to — he has to use the Defense Production Act much more aggressively, including not just in ventilators, but getting gloves, masks, shields, gowns, etc.”

Gowns were added to the list. I’m not sure how gowns play into thwarting the pandemic, but Captain Demento felt the need to add gowns to the list.

Plan B.

I’ve discussed Democrats Plan B on my radio show and elsewhere. Plan B is Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Those who want Biden as their candidate now lobby to shut down the convention. While this move does help Biden in the short run as it eliminates Bernie Sanders and doesn’t allow for Cuomo to enter the picture, in the long run it’s a bad idea.

The Bernie Sanders voters will be incensed. That group helped elect Trump in 2016, as he received 12 percent of their votes. Polls today show that number at 15 percent. De facto Biden would likely jump that number even higher.

As for those who know Biden can’t pass muster and support [insert any radical Democrat here], Cuomo looks like a much more reasonable solution.

In case you’ve missed it, Cuomo has been lauded for having the state with the most new Chinese Wuhan Virus cases and deaths. How can you praise the man for this? Unless you’re propping him up for something bigger.

Democrats know that Cuomo can’t beat Trump either. However, he can at least reasonably represent the party and not look like Robert Mueller testifying before Congress.

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