Obama Perplexed: Trump Gets HUGE Endorsement

His back against the wall, Barack Obama finally decided to endorse Captain Demento. I can only imagine having to come to that agonizing decision, as Obama waited until the final Leftist stooge quit the race.

The pain of choosing between an incompetent boob and creepy sexual predator versus an incompetent “Democrat socialist”. I’d rather get kicked in the nuts by a donkey wearing steel-toed boots.

In 2016, Obama didn’t even wait for Bernie Sanders to quit the race before allowing Cankles Clinton to hitch her wagon to his inflated ego. A lot of good that did her. Barry even put together some star-studded concerts for Old Hills, but that didn’t drag her fat ass over the finish line.

Thankfully President Trump need not pin his hopes on such trivialities, like endorsements from lame ex-presidents. Trump now has his track record to run on. And despite the Chinese Wuhan Virus, Trump’s economy remains strong at its core.

Perhaps that’s why Malik Obama endorsed Trump in a tweet:

“Today I Endorse and Will be Voting for President Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) in November 2020. #MAGA

Malik’s earlier tweet was followed by his take on Trump defunding the WHO:

WHO: About time. That’s Why I’m Voting for Mr.Trump. He Is Tough, Fearless, And Bold.

Twitter comments showed much love for Obama’s older half-brother. He received comments like, “The cooler brother!” and “The lesser-known, but more real Obama.”

Malik Obama is undoubtedly more real.

While Barack Obama may be considered more popular, it’s Malik Obama who can surround himself with family and friends. Obama the Younger has no real friends. He has people riding the coattail of his so-called popularity. But that’s waning quickly.

Further, Barack Obama is all about Barack Obama. And you can bet that many of his former sycophants realize this.

According to PJ Media, in an interview last year with “The Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo,” Malik declared that Barack Obama turned his back on him when his family needed help.

Malik had two children die on the waiting lists to come to the United States. He pleaded with his brother to help.

“I told him, brother, you’ve got to help me out,” Malik said.

That help never came.

For most of us, having a powerful brother is a given asset. Apparently that’s not the case when Barack is the said brother. So much for family ties! Sadly, the real separation of the two occurred with the establishment of the Barack H. Obama Foundation, named for Barack Obama Sr. Malik confided:

“He said if I don’t shut it down, he is going to cut me off. This was an opportunity to do something. If he were to be a part of it, it would not be an issue. It is my father’s foundation.”

In this same interview, Malik called his brother a narcissist. No secret there, even from supposed adoring Leftists.

Obviously, President Trump doesn’t need Malik’s endorsement. He’ll win by a record-setting landslide. But I’m sure he’s happy to have another satisfied customer.



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