Attack Ads: Trump Team Goes on Offense Against Biden

There is no such thing as a “negative ad” against Joe ‘Fingers’ Biden. Just report the facts, and let the chips fall where they may.

Now, Team Trump begins their assault on Joe Biden. The media reports Trump’s plan of attack as “negative ads”. But the truth hurts, and it really hurts Democrat scoundrels.

According to sources, Trump unveiled a campaign targeting Biden with a $10 million national advertising blitz across broadcast and cable channels, as well as online. And China will be part of the focus.

One of the commercials declares (rightfully) that Biden “coddles China”. Great timing, given what the Chinese Wuhan Virus has done to the American economy.

“Joe Biden won’t stand up to China,” the ad declares. “He never has. He never will.”

Team Trump has waged an amazing defensive battle against the forces of evil, aka Democrats. But now is the time for Team Trump to go on offense and start throwing serious blows. Because Democrats are in triage.

Aside from nominating a brain-damaged, racist and serial sexual abuser as their candidate, Democrats have the added pressure of their assault against the Republic. The revelations around General Mike Flynn, while explosive, will look like bottle rockets in comparison to the nuclear blasts coming for the Democrats.

More will be revealed on multiple fronts around the attempted coup of President Trump. And Biden will be front and center. While these massive scandals bubble up, Team Trump has even more to unleash on Captain Demento.

Biden’s incoherence notwithstanding, he now faces allegations of rape. And that won’t go away.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale hinted at the forthcoming offensive in a Thursday morning tweet. He called the reelection effort a “death star”. Parscale added,

“In a few days we start pressing FIRE for the first time.”

Trump has the funds.

We documented the money Team Trump amassed, literally from Day One of being sworn in. And the fundraising never let up. So much so that the Trump team possesses a mountain of cash. Biden will have difficulty keeping up.

While Democrats are fundraising, their spending put them way behind. The money spent infighting hurt the party. And with a lackluster candidate, Democrats struggle to keep pace with Trump.

Next, Trump has a better ground game. Biden limped into the nomination, and he still limps. Team Biden lags Trump in ground game, and that won’t improve much between now and election time.


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