BREAKING: Mueller’s Case Against Flynn Dropped

According to Bob Mueller, his nearly $40M investigation was well worth it, because he got Flynn!

But in a drastic turn of events, the Justice Department dismissed the case.

Prosecutors wasted three years claiming Flynn lied to the FBI regarding his conversations with a Russian ambassador. And now, in the blink of an eye, it’s over and done.

It almost feels to easy.

While Flynn initially pleaded guilty, it seems he did that under duress. Clearly, Flynn believed he’d never beat the Democrats determined to fry him. Leftists operated their crooked schemes for so long, it’s no wonder Flynn lost hope. But recently, lawyers started working on a way to reverse Flynn’s plea. And it goes without saying, President Trump is more than supportive of this development.

According to the Associated Press:

Thursday’s action was swiftly embraced by Trump, who has relentlessly tweeted about the “outrageous” case and last week pronounced Flynn “exonerated.” It could also newly energize Trump supporters who have taken up the retired Army lieutenant general as a cause.

But it will also add to Democratic complaints that Attorney General Barr is excessively loyal to the president, and could be a distraction for a Justice Department that for months has sought to focus on crimes arising from the coronavirus.

After the Flynn announcement, Trump declared that his former aide had been “an innocent man” all along. He accused Obama administration officials of targeting Flynn and said, “I hope that a big price is going to be paid.” At one point he went further, saying of the effort investigating Flynn: “It’s treason. It’s treason.”

Bottom line – the Flynn interview was illegal from the start. The Justice Department now concedes such questioning started “without any legitimate investigative basis.”

Barr Won’t Bend

I think it’s fair to say we wouldn’t be at this point had Trump not given AG Barr the reins. Of course, leftists criticize Barr, calling his Trump’s puppet. But Barr isn’t one to bend to the whims of others. He carefully weighs right against wrong, then makes his move.

Last month, Barr made waves with his official statement that the Trump-Russia investigation originated without any basis. Oddly enough, Democrats acted shocked. Despite knowing they crafted this witch hunt. And, despite the millions of conservatives who knew they crafted the witch hunt. Frankly, their fake reactions prove how diabolical Democrats really are.

Luckily, Barr continues to unravel the tangled web of deceit the Democrats created. In fact, after his opinion on the Russian investigation, Barr also weighed in on Roger Stone’s sentence.

Now, Barr agrees Flynn’s case has no merit.

The U.S. attorney reviewing the Flynn case, Jeff Jensen, formally recommended dropping it to Barr last week, the course of action vehemently and publicly recommended by Trump, who appointed Barr to head the Justice Department.

Jensen said in a statement: “Through the course of my review of General Flynn’s case, I concluded the proper and just course was to dismiss the case. I briefed Attorney General Barr on my findings, advised him on these conclusions, and he agreed.”

The department’s action comes amid an internal review into the handling of the case and an aggressive effort by Flynn’s lawyers to challenge the basis for the prosecution. The lawyers cited newly disclosed FBI emails and notes last week to allege that Flynn was improperly trapped into lying when agents interviewed him at the White House days after Trump’s inauguration. Though none of the documents appeared to undercut the central allegation that Flynn had lied to the FBI, Trump last week pronounced him “exonerated.”

Twists and Turns

Flynn’s case definitely twists and turns, but recent allegations against the FBI now take center stage. After Barr appointed Jensen to investigate Flynn’s case, a number of notes, emails, and various files were turned over.

We now know about the whole spirit of the investigation, with the “what’s our goal?” notes in which the FBI attempted to use an outdated statute to bring Flynn, and ultimately Trump, down. And it doesn’t stop there.

Other documents show the FBI had been prepared weeks before its interview of Flynn to drop its investigation into whether he was acting at the direction of Russia. Later that month, though, as the White House insisted that Flynn had never discussed sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, FBI officials grew more concerned by Flynn’s conversations with the diplomat and decided to keep the investigation open so they could question him about that. Two agents visited him at the White House on Jan. 24., 2017.

But Thursday’s filing says the FBI had no basis to continue investigating Flynn after failing to find that he had done anything wrong. It says there was nothing on his Russia calls “to indicate an inappropriate relationship between Mr. Flynn and a foreign power,” and that none of the statements he made to the FBI had any relevance to the underlying investigation into whether the Trump campaign and Russia were illegally coordinating.

And let’s not forget who the agents questioning Flynn happen to be. One of them, Peter Strzok, literally faced the firing squad after sending derogatory messages about the President. Further, Mueller’s entire investigation was a sham. Clearly, this is the tip of the iceberg. Soon, expect more evidence implicating Democrats to emerge. In fact, I think it’s safe to say Leftist Bridge is falling down.


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