Damning Evidence: Obamagate Begins with Obama

When Barack Obama was elected, the ruling class had 8 years of uninterrupted larceny. They used Obama to set up the most intricate shadow government in history.

When Obama’s reign of terror ended, he had taken note of their tactics. And as Maxine Waters exposed, Obama never envisioned going away.

Obama saw how the game was played. And he would no longer play from the sidelines. Of course, he was not smart enough to implement the plan. But he surrounded himself with vindictive ideologues who would do the “dirty work” for him.

Trump should not take the attacks personally

So when it was time to replace him, the Obama team would make that decision, not Americans. Crossfire Hurricane began the moment the new campaign for 2016 began. And frankly, the operation wasn’t just to take down Donald Trump, but whomever the Republicans ran for office. Because Trump won, he became the target.

Crossfire Hurricane would accomplish a few things.

First, Hillary Clinton would become president. Recall all the shenanigans it took to jettison Bernie Sanders. Sanders defeated Clinton. But he was not part of the cabal, and he couldn’t be “read in”. Sanders talks too much, and would never be able to understand the complexities of the operation, nor could he keep it a secret. So Sanders stood no chance at winning the nomination.

Second, the operation was established in such a way as to crush any candidate. It was the Democrats “equalizer”. They didn’t care about the Electoral College, where Democrats already enjoyed an advantage. Their new operation negated the will of the people, insuring Democrat victories for decades.

Third, Obama would remain a “shot-caller”. He had the data on anybody and everybody, including Democrats. Obama’s data gathering during his second term put everybody in DC on notice, that he would always know their secrets. And his operatives would keep him posted, even though he was no longer president.

Aside: ask yourself whenever something mind-boggling occurred, how it happened. For example, Justice Roberts voting for Obamacare in an unconstitutional decision.

I wrote a while back that Michael Flynn held the key to this entire operation. I predicted Flynn will get his comeuppance:

With the help of the corrupt FBI, the dirty Democrats have bullied, threatened, and even ruined lives. In their zeal to take down President Trump, the Left screwed up.

General Michael Flynn began as a victim of their evil plot. However, now he finds himself the owner of prime real-estate: Democrats’ asses.

Thanks to the FISA memo and new information that continues to shine more light on the collusion within the Democratic Party, Flynn finds himself in an interesting spot. Imagine with his attorneys ask for discovery when he decides to put his life back in order.

I expect Flynn’s next leather briefcase will be made from the hocks of Hillary Clinton.

Recently, a Stipulated Motion was filed for Protective Order “Governing Discovery” by USA as to Michael Flynn. Put another way, the Flynn team is gathering new evidence to fight the charges, as Flynn now knows he was framed.

This little drama hasn’t ended, at least not for Mueller. Clean up on aisle 13, Bob!

Of course, Mueller has since retired in disgrace. Further, Flynn will soon be cleared. But there was another clue that things wouldn’t end well for the Democrats.

Remember that Jerome Corsi was targeted by Mueller. But Corsi fought the indictments. He even threatened to sue to get all the discovery Mueller and team had; suddenly Corsi was no longer a target. Here’s what the Washington Examiner wrote of the Corsi case:

Author Jerome Corsi defied special counsel Robert Mueller and, shockingly, he won. Now, the 72-year-old political commentator says he plans to make Mueller “pay” for putting him under investigation, vowing to press forward with a civil case alleging prosecutorial misconduct.

“They have to pay for this,” Corsi said in an interview with the Washington Examiner Monday, after Attorney General Bill Barr informed Congress on Sunday evening that there were no sealed indictments from Mueller. The probe ended without finding collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Corsi refused to plead guilty to lying to investigators — as did former national security adviser Michael Flynn and foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos — and leaked plea documents from his case to the press.

He is a rare example of a subject in Mueller’s two-year-probe flouting prosecutors and then avoiding charges. Others, such as Trump adviser Roger Stone, flouted Mueller and were subsequently indicted.

You fight, you win against this cabal. And that’s what General Flynn finally did.

The tip of the iceberg revealed by acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell.

Retired naval officer J.E. Dyer elucidates about the bigger part of the iceberg, what you can’t see in this investigation that will bring down Obama and his crooked team. 

Below is the telltale graphic from the ODNI confessional report in 2017:

The graphic shows how the number of so-called “non-contents,” upstream queries under FISA Section 702 exploded between 2012 and 2016.  These are the queries that enabled desk jockeys at the federal agencies and the NSC staff to view USPI – without having to record a formal unmasking request.  (Again, please see my earlier articles for what makes that possible.)

This is the skulduggery [sic] we’re looking for.  It wasn’t tracking entries in a formal logbook that revealed it.  It had to be computer forensics: tracing the actions of account users, as logged by the computer systems.

Minions made the requests. Thus, there exists no record of the real requestors. This tactic provides plausible deniability by the real orchestrators. And this data-gathering provided what Obama and team needed to insure Democrats had dirt on lots of people. Like the targeting of Romney supporters in 2012, particularly big Republican donors. History will one day reveal all who were scared off by the Obama team.

Obama’s cockiness eventually transitioned into desperation.

Though Democrats orchestrated making Trump the candidate of choice for Republicans, something unexpected happened. Trump surged.

And like an out of control forest fire, he created his own atmosphere, and raged out of control. The man seemed impervious to attempts to douse his flames. Suddenly the operation was in jeopardy. And my bet is if one were to check the timelines of illegal activities, they coincide closely with Trump’s surge.

Democrats’ panic caused the 39 principals who directed the spying to finally log on directly. All urgently requested access to the system in an effort to destroy General Flynn. That mistake exposed the spy network set up by the Obama administration.

Adam Housely of Fox News hints of inside sources feeding him similar insight on what lies ahead:

Here’s the part few people are really talking about. The underlings.

The people who actually carried out the dirty work of the Leftist elitists. Dyer writes:

The NSC staff isn’t the only physical place it was done. The notorious dust-up at the FBI’s Washington Field Office in March 2016 is a strong data point indicating that the FBI was involved in it, with contractors – people who weren’t government employees – being able to view USPI material.  The unauthorized viewing by contractors was a major issue, exposed to the public in Judge Rosemary Collyer’s orders after the FISA court review was released in 2017.

There are other opinions on this, but I believe there is a strong argument that there were two agencies involved in that particular case: the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).  The exposed contractors were very likely to be individuals from the same company who worked government contracts that that company held with both agencies.

The company is the one John Brennan was president of from 2005 to 2009: The Analysis Corporation.  A major reason this hypothesis resonates is that the TAC contract with both agencies is for database maintenance and analysis.  (The contracts are still active.  They were very long ones, obtained in 2008 and 2009, running into hundreds of millions of dollars.)

The other major reason is that in 2012, Brennan set up the close collaboration of the FBI and NCTC on precisely the data we’re concerned about – USPI – when he was Obama’s counterterrorism czar.

Yet again, one of President Trump’s harshest critics, former CIA Director John Brennan. Whether Brennan profited from this relationship could be an investigation. But his closeness to the relationship cannot be ignored.

Dyer goes on to describe what she calls a “syndicate enterprise.”

But, again, the NSC staff as the nexus for Obamagate is the key to divining the architecture of what was essentially a syndicate enterprise.  The NSC staff has desks and computers manned by most of the major agencies of the U.S. government.  A CIA representative working there is “CIA,” in every meaningful sense, but is available for activities that can only be performed from the physical location of the White House complex.  The same is true for the DOJ, FBI, State, Treasury, and so forth.  Then there are the employees of the Executive Office of the President itself, the core of the NSC staff.

As I’ve written and discussed otherwise, Obama ran a sophisticated and complicated operation that makes the Mafia look like child’s play. And a handful of people thwarted his plan, beginning with Admiral Mike Rogers.

Recall that during the transition, Admiral Rogers drove to Trump Tower to tell the president-elect that he was being spied on. I wrote that Admiral Rogers is a true American hero, as that meeting exposed the cabal. However many swamp rats remained in Trump’s new administration. And one by one, he exposed them.

Dyer theorizes that Grenell and Durham have connected many of the dots on this conspiracy of monumental proportions:

The sheer number of persons said to be on Grenell’s list informs us that the “black book” of this enterprise has been pried out and assembled, computer keystroke by computer keystroke.

This is far more important than seeing the names of senior officials we already knew were unmasking authorities, attached to their unmasking requests.

This is leverage…insight.  It goes well beyond the Michael Flynn case.  This expanded list is how you figure out what the enterprise was and who was in it.  So the fact that Grenell delivered it publicly is in itself significant.  It means the investigators are very close to being ready for a big “reveal.” [emphasis in original]

The forensic analysis of the footprints left by these minions likely yielded lots of players. And as I’ve said since Durham took over for Obama lackey John Huber, these low-level operatives are singing like canaries. Dyer suspects the same:

We can assume the Ric Grenell ODNI has been cooperating on this matter with the DOJ – in particular, with John Durham – since Grenell stepped in as Acting in February 2020.  That’s a key reason I am confident Durham is already on the move, and fresh revelations are coming very soon.

But here’s the catch: because Durham is meticulous and not leaking, we won’t hear about this until the ”big reveal.” And we don’t want to do anything to harm those plea bargain negotiations by getting specifics out into the public view. I am among the many conservatives frustrated by the “all talk, no action” status quo.

But: John Durham is no Lindsey Graham or Trey Gowdy. He has no interest in talking a good game; he wants indictments and convictions.

I wrote a while back that leaks occur when Democrats try to spin. But now the leaks we hear are truth, not leaks. Democrats have reached the end of the runway, but the plane can’t take off.

Soon the truth will be revealed, and it will be irrefutable.

H/T American Thinker

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