Stay-at-Home: Self-Imposed Enslavement and Imprisonment

Finally, a state imposed sanity on its legislators by striking down these stay-at-home mandates.

NBC reported that the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently struck down the state’s stay-at-home order during the Chinese Wuhan “pandemic” as “unlawful, invalid, and unenforceable” after finding that the state’s health secretary exceeded her authority.

In a 4-3 ruling, the court called Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm’s directive, known as Emergency Order 28, a “vast seizure of power.”

The order directed all people in the state to stay at home or at their places of residence, subject only to exceptions allowed by Palm, the ruling says. The order, which had been set to run until May 26, also restricted travel and business, along with threatening jail time or fines for those who don’t comply.

The ruling says the judges weren’t challenging Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ emergency powers, but the decision effectively undercuts his administration and forces him to work out a compromise with the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Every governor who mandated these restrictions declared himself a tyrant. A clear violation of Americans’ rights as stated in the Constitution. But who needs a Constitution when you have plain old common sense?

Americans make many choices about their health and safety without government intervention. For example, the number of people who choose to die from smoking cigarettes; far more annual deaths than the Chinese Wuhan Virus, and potentially more deaths from “second-hand smoke”. Apparently, living dangerously around smokers is what we all choose to do. And we have for decades, despite the anti-smoking lobby’s efforts to save us all from doom.

There are many more examples of Americans living dangerously as well. Like driving.

According to Safer America, over 40,000 people die in car accidents annually. But we haven’t issued any “lockdowns” on cars, outside of breathing machines for drunks. Still, the rest of the country remains free to use our vehicles.

The lockdown mandates were overreach and purely political.

Republican governors played “cover your ass”, too scared to apply common sense to a hoax pandemic. And Democrat governors played pure politics, taking their marching orders from Pelosi. Their mandate from on high: destroy your economies, because it might destroy Trump.

During oral arguments in the Wisconsin Supreme Court case, Justice Rebecca Bradley suggested that the order amounted to “tyranny”. And at another point, she referred to Japanese Americans’ internment during World War II.

Justice Bradley was correct to refer to Japanese internment. The only difference is Americans self-imprisoned. And over a fake “war”.

I love the patriots who refuse to sacrifice their human rights. Forced lockdown is bigger than a constitutional issue; it’s truly a human issue.

A ruse should not be used to put an entire country on lockdown. There were many areas of the country that had practically very small Chinese Wuhan Virus infections and deaths. Common sense analysis of the real outbreaks would have quarantined less than six locations in the country. Why should an entire population be made to suffer?

In a word, politics.

Thank God for the courts. President Trump restructured America’s courts. So much so that even the 9th Circuit has changed for decades. I’m sure we will see many other cases litigated, as citizens continue to fight back.

Americans should be smart enough to never self-enslave or self-imprison. And if we define what the Left attempted in this lockdown by those terms, more Americans will see the lockdown ruse for what it is. Slavery.



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