The Black Undercurrent Against Democrats

Forget the polls and what’s between the lines. Blacks are moving away from Democrats in droves.

But that’s not the Democrats’ only problem. Because blacks moving away from Democrats doesn’t mean they are moving to Republicans, right? If you believe that, you’re still reading the Democrats’ old playbook.

Still, Democrats need the black vote. But what they really need is for blacks to want to vote Democrat. They need blacks to vote in large numbers. Enthusiastic voters.

As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”. Because blacks may very well vote in large numbers, just not for Creepy Joey Fingers.

I predict Blacks will vote for Trump in droves this election year; at least double the number from 2016. Mostly this shift is due to actions by Trump. But secondarily many black Conservatives are getting the word out.

The video below highlights that undercurrent of black angst against Democrats. {Warning: language} A black woman is upset with Leftists blocking the street. She shouts:

The woman begins by shouting, “Black lives don’t matter if you vote for Democrats!”

“You racist white liberals do this sh*t every f****** four years. We’re tired of it…F*** you, you dumb b*tch. You’re not here for me. You’re here because you’re dumb as f***”

More and more evidence shows this woman’s sentiments to be a trend. Market research reported in Jan of 2019:

In July, 2018, we commissioned a nationwide study of 1,000 black Americans using sampling quotas and weighting to match Census figures for age, gender and region, to create a representative blueprint for the nation. We explored political attitudes, views on a range of issues, 2016 vote, party identification, and asked demographic questions to form correlations between characteristics like education level and employment industry and partisanship. Here’s what we know:

Black Voters are Not as Loyal to Democrats as You Think   

Ninety-one percent of respondents in our survey said they liked to make up their own minds when voting rather than simply following friends and family. Sixty-two percent strongly agreed no political party should assume they have black voter support, and fifteen percent of respondents self-identified as Independents. Nearly nine-in-ten black voters think “African Americans don’t have to be Democrats” and a similar figure (87%) said no party should assume they have the support of the black community.

    • Over half of black voters (53%) believe the Democratic Party has left the black community behind while counting on their support and this figure is significantly higher for older Millennials (ages 25-34; 61%).
    • Our survey showed 10% of black voters voted for Donald Trump (within the margin of error with CNN’s 2016 Exit Polls showing 8%). In spite of all of the negative press the President has received in the first half of his term, 65% of these voters stand behind their vote for Trump.
    • When talking about ideology instead of parties, twice as many black voters are willing to self-identify as conservatives on a variety of issues; moral such as gay marriage and abortion (26%), education (21%), economic (20%) and healthcare (19%). Indeed, two-thirds (64%) believe some conservative policies promoting individual freedom would benefit the black community. However, the majority will not listen to those policies if they are being promoted by Republicans as 76% believe the Party talks down to them. School choice is a key policy example in this category (90% support).
    • Black voters hold some values often thought of as conservative. Four-in-five (80%) believe that small business is the key to American success and the same number do not trust the government to spend tax dollars. There is near universal agreement (93%) on reducing individual tax rates. However, the group also holds traditionally liberal economic viewpoints such as increasing the minimum wage (95%), providing free public university tuition (91%) and forcibly taking away power from large corporations (71%).

Clearly black voters can relate to Republicans. Regardless, they can and do relate to Trump.

A recent poll showed that 40 percent of blacks approve of Trump’s handling of the economy. But they also know his commitment to blacks, despite media to the contrary. Worse yet, Biden is scaring blacks away from the left faster than Trump can pull them to the right.

Try this trend if you have Twitter. Look at the number of blacks who openly support Trump. Next, look at a post from any prominent Democrat and read the comments. You will see many new black faces chastising Democrats, and not just the occasional black person.

Clearly, the jig is up for Democrats. Blacks at all levels realize the game Democrats have played for decades and continue to play to this day.


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