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The antichrist speaks!

A mere two months before America was locked down due to the pandemic, global billionaire hooligan George Soros made a veiled threat against President Trump when the country was at its economic peak.

CNBC reported:

Liberal billionaire George Soros said Thursday that the U.S. economy could be headed for calamity as a result of President Donald Trump’s efforts to juice American business and stock prices ahead of the 2020 election.

The longtime investor’s comment came on the heels of fresh record highs in the U.S. stock market and amid the longest bull market in American history. Many economists accredit the surge to the Trump administration’s policies including larger corporate profits due to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and renegotiated trade agreements.

Soros, an 89-year-old Democratic megadonor whose net worth peaks at more than $8 billion, delivered the remarks at the dinner held during the forum, an annual conference set in the Swiss Alps and known for featuring elite business and political leaders.

How can one person send shivers through the global economy with just his words?  Who is this liberal boogeyman?

Enter George Soros

The San Diego Union-Tribune shed some light:

He’s a naturalized American born in Hungary, who amassed a fortune managing investment funds. In the early 1990s his success in the financial markets and global activism on behalf of emerging East European democracies made him a household name.

Soros, #TeamKJ, #KevinJackson
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His wealth is estimated at $8 billion, ranking him the 65th richest person in America. This is a sharp drop in personal wealth for Soros, who last year was ranked 20th on the list with a net worth of $23 billion. In 2017, Soros transferred the bulk of his fortune, $18 billion, into his philanthropic organization, Open Society Foundations.

Soros has contributed more than $4 million to candidates and super PACs that support liberal causes, ranking him among the top individual donors.

In fact, we know Soros funded Hillary Clinton’s war against Donald Trump.

But there is still much more to the story.

Soros has been accused of being a Nazi soldier during World War II, however this is FALSE.

But…A Nazi collaborator…A committed atheist hiding behind his Jewish heritage for convenience…An advocate for stricter government regulations on free market capitalism…Only to relocate to a country outside the reach of those very laws.

These are not slanderous accusations but confessions of guilt from Soros’ own mouth in his December 1998 interview with Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes:

Breaking The Bank (Literally).

Soros rose to infamy in September 1992 when the British pound crashed £3.3 billion, causing its removal from the European Exchange Rate.  The crisis damaged Prime Minister John Major’s ruling Conservative Party government. Afterward, they went on to be defeated in 1997, ushering in Tony Blair’s Labour Party until 2010.

Soros, #TeamKJ, #KevinJackson
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Soros made over £1 billion in profit by short selling the British currency.

Deutsche Welle picks up the story:

Back in 1992, when it came to the number of its member states, the European Union was a smaller version of what it is today. Germany had only just invested huge sums of money to complete reunification between East and West Germany, which was causing a lot of turmoil in the political and economic structures of the 12 EU member states.

When Germany raised its prime rate, other countries had to follow suit to avoid appreciation of their own currencies. The British Pound in particular was consequently heavily overvalued at the time. In addition, the US dollar was losing value, and so Europe, and above all Britain, was under pressure.

Banking Crises

The Bank of England had to react and bought large amounts of pounds sterling to support its currency. But to no avail. The Bank then raised interest rates from 10 to 12 percent, in an attempt to lure investors into buying pounds and stabilizing the currency. A few hours later, the Bank had to announce interest rates of 15 percent. But Soros and his investors still didn’t take the bait. They just waited. At 7 p.m. the same day, the British Treasury announced that Britain was leaving the European Monetary System. This day has since become known as ‘Black Wednesday’ in Great Britain’s history of finances. The intense devaluation of the British pound earned Soros a billion dollars. A legend was born.

Until he retired at the age of 81 in 2011, Soros continued working nonstop, making a profit from countries’ weak spots. Many others have since jumped on the bandwagon. In the current euro crisis, financial speculators are often used as scapegoats.

Then, in 1997 Soros did it again.

In the post-Cold War 1990s, a new geopolitical called ‘Endism’ arose.  Championed by Francis Fukuyama, the theory argued in favored of a “Democratic Peace”.  The idea was democratic nation-states do not goto war against one-another, but rather compete economically to achieve supremacy.  This is known as ‘Geo-Economics’.

Soros, #TeamKJ, #KevinJackson
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Geographic regional free-trade blocs were created during the 1990s:  European Union (EU), North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), Australia–New Zealand Free Trade Area (ASEAN), African Free Trade Zone (AFTZ), and the Asian Tigers.

But the concrete started to crack.

The first hiccup in the theory happened in July 1997 when a recession in Thailand nearly led to a global financial meltdown.

South China Morning Post wrote:

In 1998, Soros, whose aggressive currency trades were blamed for destroying the Thai and Malaysian economies in the Asian financial crisis a year earlier, turned his attention to attacking Hong Kong markets. On that occasion, Hong Kong, backed by Beijing, faced him with an unprecedented HK$118 billion stock-buying spree to prop up stock prices and defend the currency peg in August 1998.

When Malaysia adopted strict capital control measures during the Asian financial crisis to defend the ringgit and curb capital outflows, short-term stability was achieved at the cost of undermining investor confidence in Malaysia, said Shen with Mizuho.

When Soros makes a threat, countries take him for his word.

Target:  America.

Soros had previously met with top Democrats to plot against President Trump and the Republicans in the days after the 2016 elections.  This was when liberals agreed on their strategy on opposing Trump, beginning on day one of his presidency.

Whether it is overwhelming the immigration system, remaking the legal system by financing reform-activist candidates, and supporting radical extremist organizations such as BLM and Antifa.  The overlying goal is not attain wealth, but to sow seeds of discord within society to sway an election.

Washington Times opines:

It’s a strategy aimed at quietly taking down President Donald Trump, one “new voter in rapidly diversifying states across the southern U.S.” at a time, as Politico wrote.

It’s a strategy that skirts the enemy’s knowledge, and therefore, oftentimes, the enemy’s win.

And it’s a strategy that takes full advantage of dark money-type donations that are difficult to track and even more difficult to thwart.

It’s one thing for Soros to take his hatred of this president and his disdain for free market America to the public stage — as he just did in Davos, when he criticized Trump as a “con man” whose “narcissism” has turned “into a malignant disease,” as CNBC reported.

It’s another for Soros to slide, on the sly, his anti-American influences deep into America’s politics and culture. And now: education.

In Davos, he announced the infusion of $1 billion into a new Open Society University Network to fund schools around the world — to “educate against nationalism,” is how the Financial Times reported it.

In other words: to train the next generation in the evils of sovereignty — to teach the emerging youth how to become good obedient citizens of the world.

Soros calls it his “most important and enduring project” ever. No wonder. It truly could be. If successful, it could mean the collapse of borders, the implementation of world government, the end of America as we know it.

In fact, this is the gateway to real power.
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