Liberals Latest Lost Cause Fails to Gain Traction

George Floyd might’ve been a decent guy, despite his criminal record. I’m not sure, because I didn’t know him.

But I know what his legacy turned into. 

Unfortunately, Floyd’s tragic death turned into the catalyst for social unrest. Sadly, that is what happens after every high profile tragedy. Leftists try to use it to their advantage. Thus, protestors and rioters went on the war path. Their demand? Defund the police.

In fact, cities like New York, DC, Minneapolis and LA promise to seriously consider defunding police and move the money to social reform programs.

I’ve heard outrageous suggestions such as “sending social workers on 911 calls.” Can you imagine a drug counselor on a “drunk and disorderly” call? Or how ’bout a city parks worker passing out traffic tickets. I can’t even list the many stupid suggestions I’ve seen floating around on social media. But I’m worried. Who will we call when someone is creeping in the back yard? Who will come when the house is broken into? Surely some desk jockey isn’t responding to 911 calls!

Luckily. it looks like #DefundPolice is a big fat dud.

Voters Reject Change

While protestors are making so much noise that they’re taking over news feeds, the voters aren’t giving them much attention.

As Fox News explains:

A majority of voters reject reducing police funding and moving that money to social services, despite a national push in recent weeks from activist groups and some politicians, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll released Tuesday.

The poll finds that a majority of Americans (63 percent) support the Black Lives Matter movement, and 69 percent say Black people and other minorities are not treated equally in the criminal justice system — that number is up 18 points from 2014.

However, only 40 percent support cutting funding to police in order to spend more on social services, while 55 percent oppose such a move. Among Democrats, 59 support cutting funding, but only 14 percent of Republicans and 42 percent of independents.
Meanwhile, 63 percent oppose paying reparations to Black people whose ancestors were enslaved. Only 31 percent support it.

Imagine that. Some voters recognize the importance of law enforcement.

Fox continues:

The poll comes after weeks of unrest and debate over the question of policing and race since the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25. It led to nationwide protests and riots, as well as national calls for significant reform to policing methods.

A number of cities have passed or considered legislation to reform or defund police departments, and reform pushes have found considerable support in Congress — including from some Republicans.

But President Trump has pushed back against defunding the police, while presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has not embraced calls to defund the police — although in a recent interview he said that some funding should “absolutely” be redirected from police.

Of course Trump won’t support defunding the police.

Our president is loyal to law enforcement, first responders, the military, and anyone else willing to risk their life on a daily basis just to serve their own community.

But not only do leftists wish to defund the police, they want to rewrite history.

Much of the progress our country achieved in the formative years was built on the backbone of slavery. We can’t go back and change that. But if we erase history, how do we honestly value the changes we’ve made?

I’ve never had a slave. My parent, my grand-parents, and even my great-grand-parents never owned slaves. Why am I responsible for the actions of people who lived decades ago?

Passing out free money in the name of “reparations” will only serve to deepen the entitlement divide.

Let’s get real here. Poverty is a bigger enemy than racism. White privilege isn’t running rampant in this country. I honestly spent the last year driving an old blue suburban with red fenders and a red hood because I couldn’t afford to fix it right.

Where was my white privilege?

I couldn’t just walk up to the dealership and say “hey, I’m white and I need a nice ride.” Instead of waving around the color of my skin, I had to work harder. I had to add more jobs to my to-do list. Two weeks ago, I bought a new suburban for the first time in fourteen years. Privilege didn’t bail me out. Hard work did.

Thus, I’m exhausted by the constant news of protests erupting into violent gatherings. And when there isn’t violence, the streets are trashed and taxpayers are taxed with fixing the damage. If people want change, stop protesting and start working towards solutions.

And by solutions, I do not mean a list of memorials to destroy.

Fox adds:

The protests have also turned into a debate on whether statues, particularly those memorializing Confederate generals, should be removed. The ABC/Washington Post poll found that 52 percent oppose removing statues honoring Confederate generals, while 43 support it.

The numbers suggest that Americans are increasingly seeing racism and discrimination as a problem, but do not back drastic reforms promoted by left-wing groups.

A recent Fox News poll found that large majorities see both police brutality against Black Americans (76 percent) and a lack of law and order (79 percent) as very or somewhat serious problems.

When asked about the recent backlash against the police, just over half, 51 percent, say it has gone too far, while 12 percent say not far enough, and 29 percent think it has been justified.

I hate to break the news to these leftists. But removing a bunch of statues won’t fix race relations in this country. Looting and vandalizing businesses in the name of “protesting” won’t fix race relations in this country. However, there is a path to peace. Eradicating leftism would absolutely change race relations in this country. Sadly, stamping out such stupidity is nearly impossible.




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