Record-Breaking Trump is at it AGAIN

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee raised a combined $131 million dollars last month.

The amount represents the largest month of fundraising in this election cycle. This has been a consistent theme for Trump.

The total leaves the Republicans with almost $300 million of ready cash, an amount that must make Democrats cringe. So far in this election cycle, the Republicans have raised almost a billion dollars.

While the Republicans set fundraising records, Democrats actually outraised Team Trump.

Jen O’Malley Dillon tweeted the numbers:

Anybody who believes this “enthusiasm” needs to get to rehab.

We just witnessed how Democrats redirected most of the Black Lives Matter funds to their own party. Yet, Democrats want America to believe their base craves Biden?

In a recent poll, 20 percent of Democrats think the man has dementia. And in his recent win in Kentucky, Biden got a whopping 57 percent of the Democrat vote.

But they need something to cling to, so they celebrate the numbers. And it wouldn’t matter to Democrats if the donations came from Lucifer himself. Because they need good news.

If Democrats want to have a “Rally-Off”–like a dance off, but for politics–I dare them to hold a rally for Biden. Prove that he’s popular and they don’t have their thumb on the scale for fundraising.

I don’t know how Democrats cheat at fundraising, but I know they do cheat at it. Just like they cheat in voting. But it won’t matter anyway. Trump doesn’t need money to win.

Hillary Clinton collected almost double what Trump did in 2016 and she lost. Clinton got blasted, despite having the entirety of the Obama’s Justice Department helping her.

At the end of May, Democrats had $121 million cash on hand. But their “burn rate” has been atrocious. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they spent 80 percent of that. Trump’s burn rate is far less.

Republicans had plenty of time to buy up ads at a discounted rate, while Democrats were essentially broke. And with $300 million cash on hand, Trump has at least double what the Democrats have, and he’s spending far less.

But let’s not forget the pink ass in the room: Biden’s dementia.

Democrats have fundraised on the fact that Biden remains hidden. Soon, Biden will be forced to face Trump. And that won’t go well. Biden rarely makes an appearance where he doesn’t screw up. And as the stress level increases, so will Biden’s dementia.

Ask any Republican if they want Biden as their candidate. Ask Democrats the same question. Clearly in Kentucky, Biden only gets 57 percent of the Democrat vote. I suspect these numbers represent Biden’s appeal with Democrats nationally.

Democrats should enjoy their fundraising victory. Because that’s one of the few victories they will enjoy.






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