The Absurdity of Leftism Explored Circa Chinese Wuhan Virus

We live in a time of absurdity. And the absurdity began with the election of Trump.

Not that electing Trump was absurd. Quite the contrary. The absurdity of which I write is that of a successful billionaire actually winning the presidency; against all odds.

I speak for many in saying I had no idea how deeply the establishment placed its tentacles into the body politic, until Trump exposed it. The Deep State exists and thrives, infused in everything a citizen does.

When government isn’t taxing us into oblivion, our legislators, supposed representatives use “licensing and permits” to fleece us. Hunting license, fishing license, marriage license, liquor license, and literally dozens more are used to generate revenue. Death by a thousand paper cuts; in this case, paper forms.

By dumping the bureaucracy, Trump saved taxpayers an estimated $2 trillion. No parades, not even a thank you. Subsequent Trump policies have worked even better. So Democrats prayed for something that would bring Trump down, and the Chinese answered their prayers.

The WuFlu Plandemic was born. The WuFlu Ruse.

The fact checkers will soon jump on this article and spew numbers. They’ll insist I’ve interpreted the data wrong. But I’ve run the numbers and I see the games leftists play. And to ensure that their ruse continues, the self-described elites make sure they control the elections. These crooks offer hand-picked successors at almost every level. And Democrats proved the depths to which they willingly descended to STOP the election of Trump.

Frankly, by now only a moron would not admit that Democrats targeted Trump. And yes, there are plenty of morons on the Left, though much fewer than before. And knowing that most Americans see through their ruse, these so-called elitists still try to sell us on the idea that they are solid citizens. Thus, Trump is the bad guy.

How history will record these moments?

The Left’s attempt to set up Flynn over DOING HIS JOB. Over a PHONE CALL TO A RUSSIAN. Then trying to set up Trump OVER A PHONE CALL TO A UKRAINIAN. Putting Conservatives in jail, and trying to impeach a president…OVER A MADE UP, FABRICATED, MANUFACTURED LIE!

And they have NO remorse. At this moment, Democrats continue spinning everything Trump does.

China unleashes a virus, and Democrats go after Trump. He fires Obama-era IGs and they want to investigate Trump. Meanwhile, Democrat scandals exist all around. Despite Obama’s claims of a no-scandal administration. He was anything but…

Further, we see Pelosi tucking pork in a stimulus bill should. We expected the media to latch on and follow the money trail. But they treat it like it’s no big deal. Imagine if things were reversed, and Republicans stuck pork in Obama’s bill?

Back to that clown. One couldn’t say anything about Obama without repercussions. You’d get called a racist, even if what Obama did made NO SENSE. Like Obamacare, or sending payouts to terrorist. And let’s not forget the many blatant lies told by him and others. Did the media ever DARE to count Obama’s blatant lies?

And his legacy of lies continues on.

George Floyd gets killed by a cop, and cities must burn. So what America did the right thing, and put the cop behind bars. According to Leftists, the country needed a reset. We needed to be “woke”.

Autonomous zones now exists. In those zones blacks are killed, yet Leftists say nothing. Still, the police must be defunded. Because of the Leftist narrative that cops “hunt” black people. Further, Leftists won’t let us forget that only Black Live Matter. Say All Lives Matter and lose your job.

In contrast, Leftists can protest, riot, and loot with immunity. No warnings for social distancing. Because as one Leftist put it, eradicating “white supremacy” supersedes the WuFlu.

But law-abiding citizens can’t attend church or run their businesses. Still, we must wear masks and social distance, but still can’t assemble in public places? What’s the purpose of the mask and social distancing then?

Americans need to wake up and demand better.





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