Black Man LOSES the Killed-by-Cop Lotto

If you want to see what Leftists created, allow me to explain.

Black Leftists believe they can hit the “killed by cop” lotto whenever they are confronted by police.

Check out the example below. Clearly, police officers go to arrest a black man. The guy’s acting is so bad that other blacks are yelling to him that he just needs to stand up.

This fiasco of “I can’t breathe” reeks of leftism. This dude is a serious ham! If you’re going to fake it, SELL IT!

The only thing the cops do is try to lift him up to walk. But old boy clearly wants a knee on his neck. All that’s missing is his George Floyd shirt and an Obama 2008 button.

I watched the video a few times, and the white male cop looks away disgusted before trying to get on his radio to call for back up. Maybe one of the other cops would be willing to put a knee on his neck?

If only ALL the cops had been white, huh? Then maybe the guy would have had a case? But when one of the cops is a brotha, you just need to cooperate.

I liked when the perp looked at the other black people for support. But what really cracked me up is when even they essentially said, “Sorry Bro! We just can’t sell this lie!”

Dude almost looks dejected, as he lays out on the ground.

This may be the funniest commentary on the situation:

Lorena tweeted:

Why am I reminded of Futbal players.


Scenes like this are dangerous for everybody. And for a lot of reasons.

To begin with, what cops will want to interact with citizens when they know they plan to provoke them?

Police officers across the country keep walking off the job. In Atlanta alone, city officials say they lose two to seven officers each month. That’s close to a hundred officers a year.

According to the LA Times:

The entire SWAT team in the Miami suburb of Hallandale Beach resigned this month, complaining of “disdain” from locals for doing its job.

In Winchester, a central Tennessee town of 8,500, a decade-long cop did the same after posting a video of himself in tears on Facebook while blaming a “crusade” against police.

They joined dozens of officers across the country — cops in Atlanta, Minneapolis and Buffalo, N.Y., among them — who have walked off the job as fellow officers face fierce criticism on the streets and in city halls for killing Black citizens during arrests and assaulting protesters during recent demonstrations.

We’ve created a “kill or be killed” culture. The media frenzy surrounding police brutality spirals further out of control with every passing day.

Now, the average Joe is shaking in his shorts over a mundane traffic stop. The left convinced him that the police are out to get him. On the flip side, police live with the fear of being ambushed at any given moment. And that’s not a new phenomenon. It started with Obama’s war on cops.

Let’s get real here.

Our team has covered several stories in which police were called for an emergency, such as a car accident. Unfortunately, the calls were just a set-up to put police in danger. The past decade is peppered with police deaths. And then there are the truly bizarre calls in which the perpetrator planned “suicide by cop.”

We’ve even seen a teenage girl try her best to provoke an officer into shooting her. Yet the officer remained calm and in control. In fact he showed compassion. Our team covered it, but the mainstream media skipped over that story. Of course, it predates George Floyd. But imagine the difference we might see in our culture if the reporting were balanced. What if the media stopped trying to feed a narrative and instead told the true stories of our day-to-day encounters?

I’m not saying we’d never come across a bad cop story. They’re out there. But the good outweigh the bad. Yet, leftists continue to promote the negative. They market the worst of the worst in order to instill fear. Because brainwashing mainstream America is their only hope for survival.


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