This Group will OVERTAKE Blacks as Least Employed

Unless you are planning a riot or looting, don’t hire Leftists. As it turns out, Leftists make the worst employees.

In this study from the Office of Redundancy Office, we learn that Leftists make sh*tty employees. Why? Because the pansies bitch all the work day.

Summit News reported:

The study, conducted by Dr. Jeremy Berneth, involved asking almost 400 employees, aged 25.9 on average, across seven US colleges about different events that have recently gotten “substantial media attention”.

The study notes that the events consisted of “17 items developed to assess the proclivity to be offended, eight moral outrage items, 11 microagression items and nine political correctness items.”

It noted that some people have a high “proclivity to be offended” (PTBO), which the study describes as “a state-like tendency to be sensitive to customarily innocuous societal events and traditions,” for example “playing of the United States’ National Anthem.”

Those with a high PTBO have a “tendency to view an array of events and/or traditions as offensive.”

They also “are likely to feel that social events or traditions to which they take offense also violate moral or equitable standards,” the study notes.

Basically, they’re easily triggered by anything.

Conclusion: Leftists rarely get anything done.

Who knew that perpetual outrage impedes work. No wonder these Leftist whiners always look for the easy jobs. Unions, politics, and let’s not forget Leftists’ favorite job: welfare.

The article continues,

Dr. Berneth found that high PTBOs are less productive, because they are constantly     worrying about how the organisations they work for are “less fair,” than everywhere else, and they “consume a lot of time complaining about trivial matters.”

“The person offended by everyday occurrences diverts important and limited cognitive resources away from the client (and potential sale) towards a task-irrelevant stimuli.” the study notes.

I know People Management well. In the old days they called that department “Human Resources.” Whatever you call it, I can say with confidence that people managers will one day be forced to deal with the reality of Leftism- the raw costs.

For example, hiring whites is cheaper in the long run.

They may get higher salaries, however the risk profile is far smaller, particularly with white non-Leftist men. For all intents and purposes, you could name them all “Cracker,” and they will respond and provide stellar work.

Not true of the “intersectional Leftists,” i.e. gay, short, ugly, dumb, white of any type. These people are mad problematic. Perpetually angry. Add female and/or some ethnicity and you are bucking for a lawsuit.

In a conversation with one of my friends who handles hiring and firing, she confided that she detests hiring Leftists. They make her life miserable.

I said to her, “Then why are you hiring them?”. She said, “Because I don’t know who is and who isn’t,” she said.


Check their social media. Perform due-diligence. Ask questions in the interview that provide insight into who they really are. Question like, “Did you happen to catch so-and-so on CNN the other night?”

Leftists will out themselves, proudly. Like white people in a bar when Sweet Caroline is playing.

“Sweet Caroline…BAH BAH BAH!”

GOT YOU! Predictable. And so are Leftists. Once you out them, send the rejection letter, and hide the “smiley face” emoji somewhere to let them know you are on to them. Then, wait on a Conservative to interview.

If all the true entrepreneurs and conservative hiring managers did this, Leftists would change their evil ways.

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