Democratic National Convention’s DISASTROUS Ratings

If Joe Biden had a rally, nobody would show. And that’s essentially what happened with the Democratic National Convention.

Virtual or otherwise, Biden can’t bring the enthusiasm. This “event” had all the impact of a Channel 1302 public access show. A veritable snoozefest.

Because of my job, I checked in on the “festivities” from time to time. I monitored with the vigilance of a 16-year old babysitter making out with his girlfriend in another room. “Hey, the kids can pretty much watch themselves!”

I managed to catch AOC’s fiasco, but I just couldn’t stomach the rest of the spectacle. And apparently neither could most of America.

As Zero Hedge reported,

In what can only be described as a media disaster, only 5.7 million people tuned in to the first night of the Democratic National Convention on the major broadcast networks, cutting the viewership from 2016 by more than half as the virtual event which many dubbed “as exciting as an infomercial”, proved a dud compared to the traditional live gathering.

According to Nielsen, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern, Monday’s convention debut drew 2.1 million viewers on ABC, 1.9 million on NBC and 1.7 million on CBS. This is less than half the 11.6 million people who watched the first night of the event on those networks four years ago between 10 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., the website TV by the Numbers reported at the time. Cable ratings will be available later Tuesday.

Ouch. Dismal numbers, to say the least.

I don’t think Democrats should count on that post-convention bump.

The numbers were so bad, that Rachel Maddow and friends laughed at the outcome during a hot mic moment, calling it a Zoom conference:

In order to sell the idea of a lockdown over the fake Wuflu, Democrats shot themselves in the foot.

In fact, They actually proved that excitement America has no excitement for Biden or his running mate.

Democrats showcased a feeble old man, too scared to emerge from his dungeon. No virility or vitality from Biden. Just a pathetic clown who should have ended his career decades ago.

Meanwhile Trump continues his rock star performance. Trump makes the presidency look  easy, so much so that Democrats think a demented person can handle the job.

Still, as Zero Hedge points out the strategy backfired. Nobody watched.

As Bloomberg notes, “the unusual four-day program, which was moved online due to the coronavirus, began with urgent calls from Democrats to elect former Vice President Joe Biden and push President Donald Trump out of office.” And while last night’s telethon featured music videos and speeches from popular figures such as former first lady Michelle Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders, it appears that almost nobody saw them.

Just so we are clear, Democrats in 2020 drew only half the audience of the year Hillary Clinton got her ass kicked by Trump. Factor that into the equation as you ponder Trump’s chances for a repeat.

No wonder Democrats want to register illegals, dead people to vote, and demand mail-in ballots. Because they have no shot at beating Trump.



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