Leftists Devastated as ‘Plandemic’ Backfires

Conservatives know how to see the bright side of dreary issues. And the Wuflu “plandemic” is no exception.

Believe it or not, there was great news during the great Chinese Wuhan Virus Hoax of 2020

For example, the actual infections were under-reported. That’s right under-reported, which might seem like bad news. But quite the contrary. More infection meant a much lower death rate. For the average American, you are more likely to get killed by a meteor than the Chinese WuFlu.

As most Americans know by now, Leftists also overstated the number of deaths by the disease. In truth, far fewer Chinese Wuhan Virus deaths have occurred than have been reported. Further, unreported by the media, states that never closed actually feasted. Whereas states that did close suffered.

Next, the states that opened earliest show quick signs of recovery, versus states with Nazi governors. States with Leftist governors want their “comrades” to enjoy the suck. Some even threaten to keep their states closed until a cure is found for the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Yet, they call Trump a dictator.

COVID-19 was hyped more than Robert Mueller. A virus less deadly than the flu was touted to scare the heck out of our entire nation. And everybody, including dumb ass Democrats, knows it.

But the best news about the Chinese Wuhan Virus lies in the trap laid by Leftists. In their zeal to bring down the economy, they ended up detonating the bomb on themselves.

All Leftist industries suffered. For example, Hollywood is in triage.

Movie theaters remain closed, and there is no new inventory. Some stars are forced to sell their homes, because pipelines for projects dried up. Depleted.

But even after Hollyweird goes back to work, things won’t go well. Too much inventory, i.e. theater space to fill.

When 100″ screen TVs cost less than $3,000, the days of the cinema and $50 per person nights may be over. The industry will need to rethink its model, fast.

Another Leftist stronghold finds itself under fire. And that swamp is academia. If you think Hollyweird is in trouble, take a look at higher ed.

People learned that college can be done remotely and with much lower costs. Professors can teach hundreds via the internet. And the added benefit of not going to campus is eliminating the social justice nonsense.

Regardless, estimates are that hundreds, perhaps thousands of colleges will close. At the very least, most will be forced to rethink their pricing model. Soon college may actually be reasonably priced. The effect of the Chinese Wuhan Virus Hoax of 2020 on education will  turn small ripples into a massive tsunami in short order.

Next Leftist victim…the media.

As the Hollywood Reporter wrote, CBS announced massive layoffs:

“I’m really sorry,” network president Susan Zirinsky said Wednesday on an all-staff Zoom meeting about the cuts. “There is not a person who won’t be missed.”

CBS News was hit hard by a round of corporate cost-cutting that saw “a single-digit percentage” of the network’s news staffers laid off, according to an estimate given by network president Susan Zirinsky during a Wednesday afternoon all-hands conference.

Based on the size of the news network — which totals more than 500 staffers — employees did the back-of-the-envelope math and estimated that about 50 staffers were cut, though the network has not said specifically how many were affected.


The exec was apologetic and sympathetic during the network’s post-cuts meeting, according to multiple staffers on the call, explaining the rationale for the cuts and engaging with the human cost of the layoffs.

“There isn’t a single person leaving who did a bad job,” she said. “It’s economics. It is absolutely the financials that has forced us to make these decisions. … I’m really sorry. There is not a person who won’t be missed.”

Indeed. They won’t be missed. If they hadn’t done their part to hype the WuFlu, they might all still have their jobs.

While there is more good news due to the WuFlu, the best news might be how disingenuous Leftists now appear.

In the wake of the riots over the death of George Floyd, Americans witnessed the blatant lies of the Left as it relates to “social distancing”. Big gain for Conservatives who knew of the hoax all along. The outcome will be an easy election for President Trump.

So rejoice, Conservatives. Leftists overstepped, as usual. And now we get to enjoy the good news!


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