NBC’s Chuck Todd Causes HAVOC with this Interview

NBC’s Chuck Todd got torched in an interview with Peter Navarro. But Navarro only carried the message, as Trump performed the torching.

President Trump backed Democrats into a corner with his latest Executive Orders. He stole the Democrats’ supposed wish list meant to hurt Trump in the polls. And now Trump looks like a white knight.

Moreso, by issuing EOs, Trump made it impossible for Democrats to fight him without exposing how little they actually care about Americans.

It didn’t take long for Leftists to take the bait. Enter Stage Left, Chuck Todd:


CHUCK TODD: “Where’s POTUS? Why was he at his golf club all wknd? Why isn’t he negotiating?”

Todd references Trump avoiding Congress in asking the question. Sadly, leftists like Todd enjoy when nothing gets accomplished by Conservatives. Thus, they relish in the notion that going through Congress gets them their pork.

By issuing Executive Orders, Trump circumvents the Democrats packing legislation with things like providing money for museums and other pet projects.

Chuck Todd is outraged that Trump won’t negotiate with terrorists!

Navarro explained,

“You have to understand, this is the hardest working POTUS in history. He works 24/7 in Bedminster, Mar-a-lago, Oval Office or anywhere in between”

But Navarro went on to say that Trump got fed up with the politics of the situation. Thus, he decided to put Democrats backs to the wall. He went around Congress. The president has essentially dared Pelosi to fight him on this.

As for Todd allowing Navarro to rant, Leftists lost it on social media. They KNEW that Todd (and Democrats) blew it:

The Average Black Man tweeted sarcastically:

PETER NAVARRO: *spouts 2min of ridiculous propaganda on why the COVID19 failure is somehow Dems fault*

CHUCK TODD: “I take ur point”

Apparently the Average Black Man didn’t even appreciate the spanking Navarro gave Todd on the matter at hand. He shifted instead to Wuflu.

But he wasn’t the only NBC viewer who only wants one-sided news. Next, Scott Weinberg questioned Todd’s journalism credentials, tweeting:

I wonder if the professional journalists giggle when they pass Chuck Todd in the hallway. I hope they do.

Here is one of my favorites, as Judy Monaco tweeted:

Chuck Todd is an embarrassment to #MSNBC, reputable news broadcasters, to himself and to all of us. They need to recast. Maybe Brian Williams.

First, Chuck Todd is not with MSNBC. But worse, the tweep wants Brian Williams to replace Todd? Seriously?

What a low bar to get over. Still, this leftist actually believes Williams would be more credible than Todd. Liar versus incompetence. That’s the leftists’ quandary.

The piling on of Todd continued with Eric Robertson who tweeted:

It is journalistic malpractice to let this rant go on like this. Bad on you @NBCNews @MeetThePress. Chuck Todd is a failed journalist. Thousands of people could do better.

Many people felt the same as Robertson, calling Todd a journalistic hack. I actually agree, but not for the reasons Leftists eschew.

Suffice it to say, Leftists do attack each other. They pretend to care about each other, but their attacks are vicious. Particularly when one Leftist gives quarter, perceived or otherwise to the other side of the discussion. And that’s what Leftists believe Todd did. He allowed Conservative Navarro too much time to speak.

Todd got some cover, as Sasha Stone asked people to calm down:

That people are condemning Chuck Todd and spending so much outrage chips on that — is just one of the ways we are exhausting ourselves. I know it can’t be stopped but it is becoming a problem on the left – just let it go and move on.


It’s like Stone is saying, “Chuck screwed up. But let’s just all get along”.

I suspect the dissension can be felt everywhere, as leftists contemplate their futures. Particularly now that the ticket is set.

Let’s see if Chuck Todd can recover. Maybe he can find something legit to get upset with Trump about?




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