Surprise Trump Defender FLOORS Democrats

Sometimes, it’s hard to see clearly in these days of civil unrest. Leftists spend so much time creating problems for the president that they miss the things that make Trump the right man for the job.

But every now and then, a moment comes along that offers the world a solid line of perspective.

That’s exactly what happened when the mother of Jacob Blake stepped up to apologize to President Trump. Sadly, Mrs. Blake is distraught that people are using her son’s death as an excuse to loot, riot, and burn their cities to the ground.

Perhaps she is most disturbed because she knows “the rest of the story.” Jacob Blake wasn’t an innocent man suddenly shot by the police.

I find it pretty sketchy that these details took so long to emerge. Some might say leftists didn’t want this information out there. Because it doesn’t feed the typical narrative. But nevertheless, the facts are this.

    • A court order prohibited Blake from going near his ex-girlfriend because of a domestic violence issue.
    • There were multiple warrants out for Blake’s arrest, including felony sexual assault of a minor.
    • Blake resisted arrest. Not only did he wave a knife at police, but he was also tased and continued to resist arrest.
    • Blake left police with no choice but to use deadly force.

Now the mother of Blake is disgusted by the riots, looting, and fires destroying their hometown.

Sincere Apologies

After a family member spoke negatively about the president, Mrs. Blake appeared on CNN.

According to Daily Political News Wire:

Mrs. Blake appeared on CNN and spoke with Don Lemon. She apologized on behalf of a family member who spoke poorly of President Trump and said the family member spoke out in anger.

She continued to say that she has respect for President Trump as the leader of our country.

Check it out:

Did you see the look on Don Lemon’s face? Clearly, he didn’t get the reaction he was fishing for. How dare this black mother of a black man shot by police show the president any respect?!

But, as one tweeter put it, Blake’s mother understands the big picture. And she’s horrified by the ensuing protests.

Obviously, leftists are going to need some time to process this Trump defender.

Another day, another senseless shooting.

Here we have a tragic situation in which police were backed into a corner by a criminal. In times like these, our police are under attack. They are forced to plan for the worst. However, the DOJ is now investigating the matter. Under AG Barr, we can rest assured we will get all the answers.

With that being said, we can’t just burn down every city in an effort to defund the police and allow lawlessness to take over. Clearly, Blake is no hero. Instead, he’s a criminal who violated a restraining order. For all we know, that knife could’ve killed his ex-girlfriend had Blake not been apprehended. The fact that he was apprehended with bullet holes is a testament to his character, and not a reflection of the officers who stepped in to arrest Blake that day.

Luckily, the President already sent in the National Guard.

Law and order is under restoration at this very moment. It’s just too bad people idolized a child molester in an effort to burn their city to the ground. But that’s leftism for you…








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