Biden Candidancy TORCHED in One Sentence

Joe Biden is considered a nice guy for the most part. He’s affable, and provides the right cliche at the appropriate time.

Biden greets the mother-daughter duo with, “You two must be sisters” routine. Cheesy and he knows it; they know it. He smiles a lot and self-deprecates often. Biden often says, “I’m Jill’s husband!”

Biden’s “niceness” built his career. As he’s the politician anybody could use when needed. A Rent-a-Senator.

Just make Biden feel a bit “special” and toss a couple of bucks his way and you can get whatever you want. Don’t believe me, ask China. Then, Ukraine. And about any country, corporation or special interest counter to America?

Ambassador Nikki Haley mentioned Biden’s willingness to sell out America at the Republican National Convention.

In her speech, Haley said it explained why Joe Biden is wrong for America, “the President has a record of strength and success. The former Vice President has a record of weakness and failure.”

“Joe Biden is good for Iran and ISIS…great for Communist China…and he’s a godsend to everyone who wants Americans to apologize, abstain, and abandon our values,” she continued.

Haley noted that Biden’s is not alone in abandoning his values.

“Biden and the Democrats are still blaming America first,” while President Trump has “always put America first,” she explained.

America First. MAGA.

Phrases Democrats ridiculed now resonate with Americans. Trump knew what he was doing in making that his campaign slogan.

What is Biden’s slogan? If you don’t know, don’t sweat it. But it’s “No malarkey”. I’m sure the kids are all talking about this as they plan their assault on the voting precincts.

But if Biden’s isn’t memorable, then perhaps the Democrats’ slogan is? What is that Democrat slogan? They don’t even know.

No more “Change we can believe in.” Because we know what that ended up being. More of nothing.

Haley recently appeared on Fox News, where she reiterated her problem with Biden.

“Joe Biden is a very good guy. I know him, I mean he’s just as nice as they come, but that’s just the problem.”

There it is. One of Biden’s major problems. He’s too nice.

Biden is an appeaser. Like Obama, he wants everybody to like him. Look at his policy positions, as the man flip-flops like a fish out of water.

Contrast Biden (and just about every other politician) with Trump.

Trump leaves room to negotiate any position. DACA, LGBTA, border wall, taxes, everything. He’s not dogmatic, but practical. He tells you what’s on his mind with no political agenda.

“We’re gonna build a wall!”, he proclaimed during the 2016 presidential race. And he explained why.

Trump declared that America needed a safer border that acted as an impediment to illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking, and other crimes. All great reasons to build a wall. Yet the Democrats accused him of xenophobia and being a racist against Mexicans.

Trump forged ahead. Politics be damned. So the wall is under construction, illegal immigration is down, and the Chinese Wuflu scamdemic played in his favor.

Biden has no idea what side of this issue he is on for two reasons: (1) he was for the issue before he was against the issue. And (2) Biden is demented and knows little about anything going on in his life. In fact, the Biden candidacy is a not-so-well crafted ruse.

Let’s be clear; Biden really isn’t that nice. He’s just a professional politician. And honestly, he sucks at his job.

Biden may be the luckiest politician in the world. His lies and gaffes actually propelled a career that should have crashed decades ago. The fact that Biden became Vice President or is the Democrats’ candidate should embarrass the Party of Lynching of Negroes. Yet, Biden actually got his candidacy on the third try.

45+ years in politics and nothing tangible to show on his resume, except titles.

People see through Biden the minute he opens his mouth. Still, Democrats pretend that the Biden candidacy is a power player. With Obama, they had no real track record by which to measure. However with Biden, they have 45+ years to evaluate; and they still picked him.

The “Mr. Good Guy” routine won’t work this time. Because Trump eats Democrats for lunch. The good, the bad, and the ugly.


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