Biden Confused: Is It Karen’s Turn?

Joe Biden’s campaign believes they can joke about his constant need for handlers.

In yet another softball interview, Biden and team chuckle at the idea that he must get permission from “Karen” to speak.

“Am I supposed to speak now or is Karen supposed to speak? I don’t know,” chuckled Biden. “I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Imagine the man who wants to lead the free world, asking “Karen” if he can speak. For fear of getting in trouble. What do they do to this man off camera?

And there is “Dr.” Jill, chuckling along at her bumbling idiot.

I recall when Leftists pretended for years that another Leftists was on the job and fully aware of things. That person? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

For the last few years, Leftists have covered for Ginsburg. They prayed that she survive at least President Trump’s first term. And no matter what sent Ginsburg to the hospital, we were told it was a “paper cut”.

If that woman was coughing up blood with lung tissue, the media reported things like, “Ginsburg goes in for her routine check up. Doctors give her a clean bill of health!”

For goodness sakes, the last time she went to the hospital for complications with pancreatic cancer Democrats acted like she was getting her teeth cleaned.

I wrote in August of last year:

Democrats know that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should retire. In truth they wanted her to retire during Obama’s tenure. When that didn’t happen, they tried the coup.

Trump now treats the Democrats like ten miles of bad road. They found out he’s  tougher to whack than a leading man in a Hollywood movie. Now Democrats face a real dilemma.

Ginsburg, 86, has had several bouts of cancer. She underwent surgery late last year to remove a growth from her lung. And then Democrats pretended that Ginsburg was A-OK, as she missed more work than should be allowed. It was reported that the  Clinton-appointee missed the first oral arguments in her 25-year tenure.

Ginburg returned to the bench in February, but only for optics. She made a short appearance to assuage angst among Leftists concerned she would die during Trump’s first term.

By November, Ginsburg was back in the hospital. And again, the media reported that the woman was fit as a fiddle.

And they do the same with Biden.

They hide the man from public scrutiny. Well, Ginsburg can hide, but Biden cannot. Let’s see just how competent the man is.

When he hits the debate stage with President Trump Biden will have no teleprompter, no handlers, no earpiece to get coaching, and no real campaign.

Other than saying, “Trump did it wrong”, Biden offers nothing more. That will be clear immediately. And you can bet that Trump will fact-check Biden’s lies, and not rely on the fake news media to do so.

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