Debate Coach Weighs In on Biden’s Chances

Trump will turn Creepy Joe into Jell-O. Make no mistake about it.

Leftists kept him in the basement as long as they could. And they’ve done their best to limit Biden’s interactions with the public. Some days, Biden’s headquarters close up shop as early as 9am just to keep Biden out of the limelight. But we’re thirty-six days from the election and it’s time to heat up the debate circuit.

Obviously, Biden hasn’t answered many tough questions. But on the flip-side, Trump welcomes the questions. The tougher, the better. Because the president doesn’t shy away from a fight. Put those two dynamics together and what we’re going to see next is a blood bath. There’s no way Biden can maintain his composure directly across from Donald Trump.

And that’s not to mention the Biden gaffes. If you think we’ve been entertained thus far, the debates will be golden!

Ready, Set, Go!

Actually, the entertainment portion of tomorrow’s debate is already producing fodder as news outlets try to predict both Biden’s and Trump’s readiness to go head to head.

According to the New York Times, the former VP is brushing up on his briefings. And for Biden, it’s important that his information be 14 point Arial font. Are you kidding me? This man doesn’t know his elbow from his ankle and he’s worried about the font of his briefings! Yet, some people wonder how this man spent nearly 50 years on Capitol Hill and never accomplished anything. But I believe the New York Times just answered that question.

As for Trump, he’s keeping his eyes on the prize.

The President is studying the competition very closely. Last week, Trump told supporters, “I don’t want to watch, but I have an obligation, you know. I am competing with somebody. You don’t want to compete with somebody and say, I’m not gonna watch my competition.”

Personally, I feel sorry for Trump. I imagine studying Biden so closely is a snooze fest. However, leave it to the mainstream media to make it look like Trump isn’t ready to take on Creepy, Sleepy Joe.

According to CBS,

And while some are concerned about the president’s lack of preparation, his advisers stress that he’s an “atypical candidate,” and they say his near-daily press availabilities and often “hostile” interactions with reporters are readying him.

“The president prepares by being president,” Tim Murtaugh told CBS News. “And by regularly facing hostile news media. That’s pretty good practice by any measure.” The president spokesperson added that while President Trump’s ABC News Town Hall last month advertised questions by “uncommitted” voters, the president was pressed. “He faced a rigorous and challenging questioning, I think, to put it mildly. It was a good debate practice workout.”

“I think it was great,” Mr. Trump told supporters gathered in Minnesota, September 18. “I think it worked out great,” he remarked. “You know what I call it it? ‘Debate prep.’ I call it ‘free debate prep.'”

That’s what I love about Trump. He knows how to use a bad situation to his advantage. The media constantly treats him with aggressive disrespect. Biden isn’t half as witty as these reporters. I’d say it’s a lot like practicing with the MLB before you step up to pitch a little league game.

As for Biden, many believe his strategy of lying low will prove detrimental to his campaign.

Complete Derailment

I personally believe a complete derailment is in Biden’s future. And I’m not the only one who sees Biden’s deficits.

As Fox News adds:

Brett O’Donnell, a top GOP political debate coach, discussed the factors that could derail Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“[Biden] has not done any tough interviews in this campaign so far, whether or not he can handle the toughest of interviews, a presidential debate, being attacked by the president and also tough questions from Chris Wallace in that first debate remains to be seen,” O’Donnell told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

The format for the first showdown calls for six 15-minute-long segments – with each segment dedicated to a particular topic.

The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates on Tuesday announced the issues that Wallace has selected as topics for the showdown.

The brutal Supreme Court nomination battle, the worst pandemic to strike the globe in a century, a national economy flattened by the coronavirus, and the protests and violence that have flared in cities across the nation this summer will be some of the major topics Biden and President Trump will debate as they face off for the first time in the 2020 general election.

Other Deciding Factors

In 2012, Biden exhibited confidence. He was able to put Paul Ryan on defense the entire night. But that Biden no longer exists. Even his former staffers concede that he’s a shadow of the man he used to be.

Biden no longer possesses the brain power he once possessed.

Fox adds:

“Joe Biden was very aggressive,” O’Donnell said of Biden’s performance in 2012. “He had some key attack points on Paul Ryan. He was able to execute those and he put Paul Ryan on defense almost the entire night.”

“The question is whether or not he still has that command of facts and debate and could put the president on defense, who is much more aggressive,” O’Donnell continued.

He went on to note that “the president already knows key parts of Joe Biden’s record on trade, on criminal justice.”

“Those are things that I think the president will use against him,” O’Donnell said. “He can use substantive attacks against Joe Biden to put him on defense and in the last presidential debate, primary debates, Joe Biden didn’t acquit himself all that well in moments where he had to think quickly on his feet. We’ll see… can he do that this time.”

I’ll save everyone some time here. No, Biden can’t. And Trump will make sure to put his opponents deficits on display.



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