Democrats Forced to Face Biggest Fears Head On

The “Hide Biden” campaign ended, as Democrats inadvertently forced Biden out of his bunker.

The Democrat-funded riots all over the country backfired. Cities burned, and all of America knew to blame Democrats. And with a media that few believe rendered helpless, Democrats now rely on their not-so-secret, secret weapon: Joe “Captain Demento” Biden.

And Biden didn’t disappoint. He’s still as lost as last year’s Easter eggs.

Biden emerged from his bunker, empty guns ablazin’. He quickly blamed Trump for the  Democrat-sponsored chaos happening around the country. Then the anti-cop Democrat tried unsuccessfully to explain how he would “fix” the problem.

Worse for Democrats is, Biden kept going. So he sort of chimed in on “Covid-19,”

In Biden-speak, Old Joe demonstrated why he will never be president, and why Democrats should never be trusted in picking candidates.

Blathering idiocy is what America witnessed and heard, akin to “You know, the thing!”

What timing for Biden to try to make hay with the Wuflu? Has his staff not tipped him off to the CDC’s hush-hush report?

Wuflu death-rate stats were fabricated. And the CDC came clean, reporting that only 6 percent of the people reported dead from Wuflu actually died from Wuflu. Yet Biden is running campaign commercials on how he would have handled the “scamdemic” better than Trump.

How? By asking the media to report the truth?

Biden’s campaign advertises this commercial on his YouTube channel to his 167,000 followers; a rounding error of followers for Trump:

What’s funniest to me are the stats for Biden’s page:

With 167,000 (pathetic) followers, the video still only got 7,000 views. And almost half the people who viewed the video gave it a “thumbs down”. DANG!

Clearly, Democrats brought Biden from the bunker because their strategy failed. But now they face real troubles. Because the world can see that nobody cares about Biden.

Check out this dismal crowd for a Joe Biden appearance in PA.

Jack Posobiec tweeted:

I have a source working on the ground in Pittsburgh today. Here are all the people who came out to see Joe Biden’s big speech.

In other words, Biden can’t even draw hecklers! How pathetic is that?!

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