Former Busboy Turned Actor Berates Judge Barrett

It’s funny to watch Hollywood unravel over a Supreme Court nomination. Especially when their meltdowns are clearly based on misinterpretations of the facts.

Such is the case with B-list actor, Ike Barinholtz.

To be honest, I had to google Barinholtz, as his name didn’t ring any bells. But I have seen a few of the movies on his list. Still, this guy didn’t emerge as a star, nor have I seen him on social media as a political player. But I suppose all of us have the right to jump in the ring at even given moment. That’s the beauty of America.

Do you know what else is amazing about America? Donald Trump is about to install his third Supreme Court pick. And Kevin Jackson predicts a fourth will follow! Considering most of Jackson’s predictions happen, I am looking forward to number four. In the meantime, the left continues their attack against Barrett.

According to Barinholtz, he actually read some of Barrett’s judicial decisions. And his take away is that Barrett is a real psycho.

Of course, I find it quite interesting that he put out such a blanket statement. Barinholtz didn’t have a single specific example. He just decided she’s a woman, thus she must be crazy. I’d like to know exactly which opinions Barinholtz read. In fact, I’d like Barinholtz to prove he knows how to extract such information from the internet. Because I’m willing to be he’s not exactly an academic. Apparently, other tweeters agree.

Notice Barinholtz never chimed back in to offer up some of the judicial decisions he based his opinion on. Typical leftist- say it, but don’t back it up.

Kavanaugh 2.0

Before Barrett was officially named as Trump’s pick, leftists made plans to interfere in the process. Just check out this link if you want to see one of the blueprints of their planned attacks.

But as Kevin Jackson explains, the left is facing big problems.  No matter how hard they try to tear Barrett apart, their efforts will fail again and again. And here’s why.

First, Barrett is an obvious woman.

And while some feminists will try to bring her down, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, Ladies. Celebrating only SOME women reaching the pinnacles of their careers appears (and is) disingenuous. So what’s a girl to do.

Second, the woman adopted kids.

Currently she’s under attack for having adopted kids, but that just speaks to the insanity of the Left.

Third, and Holy Mother of Accomplishment, Barrett is qualified.

Barrett is currently a judge on the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago. After graduating from Notre Dame Law School Barrett clerked for the late-Justice Antonin Scalia.

You just can’t get stronger creds than that. But wait ShamWow, there’s more!

Barrett then became a professor at Notre Dame before ascending to Federal Judge under President Trump.

Finally, history:

As we’ve learned from other Trump SCOTUS appointees, the Left will do their digging. And when they can’t find anything, they simply make it up, the LYING SKANKS! But they will have a difficult time with Barrett. Because as Dinesh D’Souza’s Instagram post suggests, Barrett is Mother Teresa:

In other words, Judge Barrett will be confirmed to the Supreme Court, no doubt about it.

Back to the Hollyweirdos

Obviously, Ike Barinholtz isn’t the first Hollywerido to jump on the “Attack Amy” bandwagon. For many of these b-listers and has-beens, the anti-Trump rhetoric is the only way they remain relevant in a city that doesn’t mind throwing stars away once they fade from view. People like Alyssa Milano and Bette Midler were long forgotten until they started sparring with Trump.

But Barinholtz might want to be careful. It’s not a good idea to hitch your wagon to a dying horse.




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