Schumer Heckled: Watch his reaction!

Democrats have run amuck for so long, they don’t know how to handle resistance.

No matter what idiot things these people, say do, or enact as legislators, they get little to no pushback. Democrats are the reason American cities are in turmoil. They are the reason for race problems, unemployment, housing problems, and the list goes on. And because Trump has neutered their attack dogs, the media, they can no longer get away with their crimes against humanity.

So when they appear publicly, their constituents can’t wait to blast them. As was the case with Chuck Schumer.

In this video, Schumer gives a presser about replacing Ginsburg.

No argument that President Trump has a constitutional obligation to replace a dead justice. Further, no argument that Schumer himself demanded this for Merrick Garland upon the death of Scalia in 2016. Finally, no argument that Mitch McConnell is within his rights as Senate Majority Leader to play politics under the circumstances. Still Schumer wants to convince voters that he and the Democrats only want what is right.

Schumer: We Democrats are fighting as hard as we can to protect Americans.

Heckler: You ain’t doing sh*t. You’re lying to the people

Other: Jesus saves!

Schumer: Democrats are doing all that we can to protect Americans, but we need Americans to continue to fight with us…

Does anybody believe Schumer? Do you believe Democrats are fighting as hard as they can to protect Americans?

Rioting and looting occurring all over the country in Democrat-controlled cities, but Schumer tries to sell this lie.

Crime up is every major city in America due to the lies surrounding police shootings of Blacks, lies told by Democrats. Lies propagated by Democrats.

Schumer isn’t the only high-profile Democrat heckled. Biden was heckled recently as well.

At this campaign stop in Duluth Minnesota, Biden gets heckled leaving the event attended by…dozens? A man yells over the “crowd”, “Don’t forget to take your meds!”.

He then yells for Biden to “You don’t have a chance, Joe. Go home!”

Democrats are getting a rude awakening that the public isn’t buying their bullsh*t. And that message will ring loud and clear on November 3.

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