Seattle Hires Pimp to Reform Police

Who says pimping doesn’t pay? Whoever said it knows nothing about politics. Because in DC, pimping runs rampant.

So why shouldn’t an ex-pimp get a gig working for a Leftist-run city. Why should only the elitists get to pimp. Surely there’s enough of that Wuflu cash to spread the wealth around.

Enter Seattle. The new bastion of Leftism has hired an ex-pimp. He’s been given the title of “Street Czar”.

According to reports, the new hire, Andre Taylor was convicted of running a prostitution operation, including pimping underage girls. But now he’s pimping the entire city. Even at his new annual salary of $150,000 a year, that’s “chili-pimping” status, when you consider what “woke” white progressives will pay to assuage their guilt.

For his meager salary, Taylor will provide the city with “expertise and support services” in de-escalation, community engagement, and alternatives to policing.”

Taylor commented on his role,

“A street czar is a person who has a particular genius in a particular area. I know the term ‘street czar’ is quite provocative.”

“This should be a prominent position because it could help quell some of the incidents that are going on between community and cities.”

Taylor got the idea of his title from Obama naming multiple “czars” during his administration.

Background on Taylor:

The New York Post reported that Taylor first found notoriety in Las Vegas, where he was sentenced in 2000 to more than five years in prison. For that bid, he served just over a year for the aforementioned prostitution, including underaged girls.

Taylor is quoted in a video saying,

“I was born from the streets. I come out of the deep darkness.”


“We decided we were going to be this subculture, like the Mafia, whether you liked it or not. We knew you considered us the waste of the world from the beginning. And we didn’t care what you thought about us, just like I don’t care what you think about me now.”

Move over Deray McKesson and Shaun King. There’s a new pimp in town.

Jesse who? Al who? There is a new pimp in town and he getting back at the man.

I can hardly wait for the remake of Superfly based on Taylor’s character. This dude just landed the craziest job on the planet. But as we say in the vernacular, “I ain’t mad atcha!” If the dumb ass citizens of Seattle want to pay a man for his “services”, then a pimp is gonna get PAID!

In case you’re wondering where these social justice jobs are going, here’s just one. Colleges and universities offer a conveyor belt of “Taylors”, and they don’t need street cred. They have been groomed to stir up controversy, so they create positions for themselves.

Understand that Taylor’s role will soon be a mandatory role in EVERY major city. And his role will spawn more roles. Soon, as with academia, the will be many. Like the University of Michigan who pays out over $10 million annually to people with the words, “diversity” or “equity” in their title. The highest paid of these makes over $400,000 annually.



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