Terrorists: Americans Beginning to Recognize BLM for what it is

“Woke” America apparently now reawakens. So many Leftists have begun to recognize the lies they tell themselves.

I said recently on my radio show that Leftists sleep in fear. Because each day they potentially awake to the possibility of finding out just how stupid they were only a day earlier. Worse, how stupid they have been most of their lives.

So imagine waking up to the nightmare that you support Black Lives Matter (BLM), only to learn that the group really is a racist terror group. And it’s run behind the scenes by rich white people?!

Watch TV and see all the tributes going to this group of thugs. Sports teams, Hollyweirdos, and the media all participating in a lie. A lie built on a thug getting himself shot in Ferguson, Missouri. Next, that lie propagated by a disgruntled second-string quarterback who wanted a better contract.

All these Leftist propagandists doing the dirty work of rich white men who laugh at the chaos they create. Recently, Newt Gingrich was summarily silenced at the mention of George Soros funding many anti-American groups.

I predicted a while back that Black Lives Matter (BLM) would die on the vine soon. While Americans still live on remnants of “woke” culture, soon the word “woke” and actions of the supposedly woke will be yesterday’s fad.

It was good while it lasted, eh BLM?! After all, the racist terror group raised well over $1 billion.

Sadly for them, when you have Black power with White supervision, you don’t get to keep the spoils. Most of that money represented “beads for Manhattan.” The Democratic Party got most of that money, as the black “fronts” got chitlins.

The secret is out. Thus, as the veil is pulled back, support for BLM declines.

Pew Research Center released a survey regarding BLM, and the organization has taken a big PR hit. After $2 billion was spent on riots and looting in the wake of George Floyd’s death, one can see why the American public has soured on the organization.

Since June, support for BLM has dropped from 67 percent to 55 percent.

A slight majority of Americans, 55 percent, still say they have at least some support for the cause, but that’s down from 67 percent in June, in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

Expect this trend, along with other like-minded trends, to keep trending.

Like the percentage of those who strongly support BLM dropped by nearly 10 points, from 38 percent to 29 percent. And the group that initially propped up BLM will soon confirm my predictions.

In June, 60 percent of whites backed BLM. Today that number has fallen to 45 percent. That’s a 25 percent decrease in support. And again, that will continue.

The decrease in support of BLM follows the decrease in support of professional sports. Further, they indicate the decrease in support for Democrats. Why else would Pelosi publicly denounce what she used to deem “peaceful protestors”?

On the House floor, Pelosi condemned rioters and looters, something she refused to do for over 100 days. Do you think that happened by accident? Not a chance.

I mentioned this the other day. The fact that Conservatives wake every day expecting no anvils to hit our heads. We wake knowing that we seek truth. But Democrats wake every day knowing they went to bed with lies. They face demons each morning, as they wander through life in denial of the truth. They craft interesting covers, like “intersectionality”, or gender-bias, critical race theory, and a host of other nonsense. All to justify their lies.

Meanwhile truth confronts them routinely. When confronted by the truth, Leftists yell and scream. They call truth-tellers names, and even accuse them of lying. Because their stark reality is difficult to handle.

It must be like having the mind of a schizophrenic. Not sure which reality to believe. But then that switch goes off. And with BLM the switch is going off for many.


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