Trump Has the Numbers. Need Proof? Here It Is!

More and more these days I hear people talking about the numbers. “Does Trump have the numbers?” Inquiring minds want to know. But obviously, we can’t find this data in any of the latest polls.

We’ve already learned our lesson. Polls are fickle. And easily skewed. They tell you what you want to hear. Hillary Clinton made that abundantly clear in 2016.

News analysts ponder whether there is a wave of silent Trumpers headed to the polls. But I assure you, they are not nearly as silent as the so-called anchors insinuate. In fact, the Trumpers are voicing their opinions loud and proud. Facebook can hide their posts. Twitter can shadow ban their accounts. But cold hard numbers don’t lie.

Case in point, the DNC 2.0.

Last week, a colleague brought to my attention the sinking desperation plaguing the left. After a miserably failed convention, Democrats needed a do-over. So, they made a plan complete with star-studded appearances and a little help from the Obamas.

They even made a cheesy attempt to capitalize on FOMO (fear of missing out) with their own little spin: VOMO. Vote or miss out. Clever, right?

As Chris Stetsko explained, ABC tried to market the event as “non-partisan.” Yet, names like Chris Rock, Will Ferrell, and Megan Rapinoe attached themselves to the production. And Michelle Obama chaired the event. Perhaps it was just an effort to erase her DNC speech from recent memory. Still, no matter how the leftist media tried to promote the show, it was basically another run at the convention. Only, this time, liberals prayed “epic fail” wasn’t destined to be the tagline.

The event aired Monday, and I must say, I never really heard anything else about it. However, I also noticed another article that mentioned Kid Rock would open the next Trump rally. The rock star proudly displays his conservative values. Sure, one doesn’t look at Kid Rock and think “conservative,” but there’s where that whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” motto comes into play.

Kid “Conservative” Rock

Personally, I find Kid Rock interesting on several different levels. First, he’s entertaining. Second, he mixes musical styles in unexpected ways. Third, he doesn’t give a F*%$! (You know, that word my mother still bans me from saying.)

Of course, those qualities can be found in many rock stars. But once these entertainers reach the level Kid Rock sits on, they rarely relate to the everyday man again. However, exceptions to the rule always exist. Thus, it’s actually not surprising that Kid Rock’s politics would be, well, surprising.

Kid Rock, who’s real name is Robert Ritchie, believes in the core conservative values. He doesn’t think Americans should work and sacrifice in order to face a redistribution of wealth. Or to have Obamacare shoved down their throats. And he’d  like to see a tax code that average Joe can read. For all these reasons, the rocker resonates with his fellow Trumpers. So it was no surprise that Ritchie wanted to open for a Trump rally.

Michigan Side-note

Obviously, Michigan, especially Detroit, took a hit under the policies of leftism. Jobs left town. Actually, they left the country. And just days before this particular Trump rally, Joe Biden stood in the very state his son helped destroy, and he demanded the return of American jobs.

As I wrote of the fiasco:

Is anyone counting Biden’s gaffs on the campaign trail? I feel like it’s time to call Guinness, this has got to be some kind of world record.

This time, Biden’s blunder happened in the state of Michigan, where it seems Biden wanted to discuss jobs.

Biden took on outsourcing. He stood in front of America’s auto workers and this is what he said:

“Make it in Michigan, make it in America, invest in our communities and the workers in places like Warren … Getting a good job in 2020 shouldn’t be a lottery … it should be an expectation!”

Sounds good in theory. In fact, Donald Trump is the reason American auto-makers started coming back, or did Biden forget that little tid-bit?

Of course, I’d expect Biden to ignore Trump’s accomplishments. But I find it quite interesting that he forgot all his son’s role in moving American jobs overseas.

Hunter Biden aided other countries in moving American jobs. And now his father is suddenly demanding Michigan put auto-workers back to work. If Joe Biden was passionate about jobs in Michigan, where’s he been for the past five decades? Why didn’t he fix this when he was the Vice President, carrying around the Congressional Medal of Honor?

Seems to me, that would’ve been the perfect time to put Michigan back to work. But Biden passed on the opportunity over and over again.

Back to the Numbers

So what does all this about Kid Rock, Michigan jobs, and a Democrat Convention reboot have to do with the numbers? Well, let me tie it together for you.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the emergency room with my kid who decided to injure his knee. And I was looking through my news feed on my phone when my mind started to wonder. I texted my colleague to say I never heard how that convention reboot did.

And then I started to “think out-loud,” because that led me to wondering how Kid Rock’s Trump rally did as well. Which is where I formulated my final question. How do Trump’s ratings stack up against the democrats?

And here’s the answer my colleague was able to dig up:

2.4M watched VOMO and that was WITH Dancing with the Stars as a lead-in.

Trump got 3.8M and that was opposite of America’s Got Talent.

In other words, Democrats tried to help VOMO, much like they tried to help Hillary Clinton. And yet Trump scored more than 1.4M additional viewers. That’s no one percent margin either. So next time you hear someone ask if Trump has the numbers, ask this in return. Does a bear sh*t in the woods? But like Kid Rock says, the fake media will swear it didn’t happen!




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