Joe Biden Calls Media BLACKOUT Until Thursday

Apparently Team Biden needs a few days to attempt damage control over the Hunter Biden emails. So according to sources, Biden called a media blackout through Thursday.

John Cardillo tweeted:

Biden has called a lid until Thursday. That’s panic mode people. They know the China and Ukraine info coming out is irrefutable damning. They also know he won’t be able to control his anger when confronted on it.


If this is true, it’s huge. Four days of no press.

Does the Biden team believe the hunger for more news about these emails will fade away?

We all know what’s happening. Biden and elite Democrats are trying to figure out damage control. They began the process already, claiming “smear campaign”, and even Russian misinformation.

Apparently polling shows that people aren’t buying it.

Rudy Giuliani has the goods. The FBI has the goods. I’ve even heard that top Democrats have a copy of the hard drive. I can only imagine the fear pulsing through their veins. Likely the same fear they experience when they get real poll numbers.

What more can they do? After all the fake news media mostly ignored the story. Further, social media giants issued fatwas on anybody promoting the Hunter Biden story, even disabling the New York Post’s Twitter account.

Still, the story gets out. The New York Post feasts on this story, undoubtedly blowing away its competitors with this scoop. Yet, “radio silence” mostly from The New York Times and WaPo. How long can these rags stay away from the biggest story of the decade?

To their credit, CBS at least asked the question. Biden didn’t appreciate it.

The Hunter Biden story undoes all the scandals of the Obama administration.

After all of former Vice President Biden’s protestations, we learn he knew about Hunter’s crooked deals. Worse, Joe Biden got his nest feathered by crooked money as well.

Convicted felon doesn’t look good on the resume for Leader of the Free World. And it doesn’t help that Biden’s son is a crackhead. Do I really need to remind people of the goodies offered to Hunter Biden, the bona fide crackhead?

And things will only get worse. And I mean REALLY bad for Democrats.

Everybody who alludes to the contents of Hunter’s emails say that we have only scratched the surface. If I were the Trump team, I would organize a serious drip campaign, with daily doses of Hunter’s debauchery. And given they will get no pushback from Biden, my goal would be to drive him out of seclusion.

Who can blame the Democrats for hiding. After all, isn’t this their campaign strategy anyway? Keep Biden from showcasing his dementia. And now, keep his from having to answer tough questions.

Here’s a question for you. What would make Biden take almost 4 days off the campaign trail? In the home stretch?

I’d love to see how the DNC now colludes with media and social media giants. All in an effort to learn that we the people control the real narrative.


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