Mafia Playbook: The Biden Five

Half of America wants this family to be our First Family. But exactly how did Joe Biden’s family manage to monetize political connections under the table for so long?

I have a hard time believing those sitting on Capitol Hill were blind to Biden’s behavior. And I’m calling out both the left and the right. This is why our country was desperate to find a swamp-drainer.

Thank God for Donald Trump.

The President of the Government Accountability Institute is a senior contributor for Breitbart News. Today, Schweizer joined host Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, and they dissected the Bidens. I must say, it reads like a mafia playbook.

As Breitbart Explains:

The Biden Five is composed of crooked Joe’s family. It starts with Biden’s son, Hunter Biden; his younger brothers Frank Biden and James Biden, his sister Valerie Biden, and his daughter Ashley Biden.

Marlow highlighted Schweizer’s latest book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, as “the gateway into understanding not just Joe Biden and the Biden family, but also the entire institutional Democratic Party at this moment and their corruption.”

Marlow described Schweizer’s investigation of the Biden family as yielding “indisputable evidence that Joe Biden is running a crime-like syndicate where he is, if nothing else, enabling his family members to get rich, without really any noticeable skill, using the American people’s good name.”

Schweizer noted the internationalization of the Biden family’s business dealings following Joe Biden becoming vice president.

“There’s no question about it. Joe Biden is the planet around which the moons of his family travel,” Schweizer said, “and the gravitational pull is Joe Biden’s power and his position, and the family has enriched themselves based on the positions he has.”

Schweizer continued, “Before Joe Biden is vice president of the United States, they’re really not doing many international deals, but once Joe Biden becomes vice president of the United States, suddenly, they’ve got foreign governments and foreign entities falling over themselves to cut them in on deals that they have no background or no expertise in. There’s a direct link between the corrupt acts of the family and the policy positions and power that Joe Biden has.”

Hunter Biden

If we look past Burisma, there is still plenty of scandal falling under this crackhead. For example, in 2013 he joined his father on Air Force 2. They flew to China, of all places. Ten days later, a state bank in China extended $1 BILLION in financing for Hunter’s latest company. The same guy who can’t say what he snorted most recently actually qualified for a billion dollar loan? If that’s not fishy, then I’m Marilyn Monroe.

Breitbart adds:

Schweizer explained, “Before Joe Biden becomes vice president of the United States, Hunter is a lobbyist for online gambling companies in Europe. That’s what he’s doing. That’s his professional background. Once his dad becomes vice president of the United States, he suddenly starts doing a whole host of global deals beginning with China. He flies with his dad on Air Force Two to Beijing China in December 2013.”

“Within 10 days of that trip, Hunter Biden joins the board of directors and gets an equity stake in a Chinese government-financed investment firm called BHR Partners, Bohai Harvest RST,” Schweizer added. “He has no background in private equity. He has no background in China. They put him on the board precisely because his father is vice president and precisely because his father is taking pro-China positions on the global stage.”

Schweizer focused on Hunter Biden’s lack of expertise related to either private equity or China as indicative of the Chinese government’s rationale for funding BHR.

Sidenote: Obama’s Complicit.

A joint purchase between a Chinese military contractor and BHR was approved by the Obama administration in 2015. The company for sale: Henniges Automotive. The sale was considered “sensitive” because the company manufactured technology with military applications.

Without special approval, the sale was dead in the water.

Schweizer remarked, “Hunter Biden’s business partners were quite explicit that he doesn’t bring anything to the table. He’s not bringing any money. He’s not bringing any expertise. He was the, quote, ‘pipeline to the administration,’ meaning the Obama-Biden administration.”

The Chinese Communist Party viewed Hunter Biden as a conduit through which political influence with the Obama administration could be procured, Schweizer held.

“There’s a very clear reason why the Chinese government wants the son of the vice president sitting on their board involved in these deals,” Schweizer said, “because they need the approval of the Obama-Biden administration, which is, of course, what they get when they start acquiring these companies.”

Joe Biden repeatedly denied having discussions with Hunter Biden about his son’s foreign financial dealings. “I’ve never discussed my business or their business, my sons’ or daughter’s,” said Joe Biden in 2019. And I’ve never discussed them because they know where I have to do my job. And that’s it and they have to make their own judgments.”

Joe Biden previously declared the existence of an “absolute wall” between himself and his family members’ business. He said, I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses. Period.”

Laws prohibiting political bribery include transference of money to elected officials’ family members, Schweizer noted.

There’s more, so much so that it could fill a hardback book the size of an Encyclopedia Britannica. But let’s just hit the highlights.

Frank Biden

This lucky brother managed to secure millions of dollars worth of loans in the Caribbean.

Schweizer said, “[Frank Biden was] basically was a real estate agent — not very successful — in Florida. Suddenly decides he’s going to go into the renewable energy business. [He had] no background in any of that. He set up companies in Costa Rica [and] sets up another company in Jamaica, and lo and behold, gets involved in deals that get taxpayer-backed loans from the U.S. government — or more specifically, from the Obama-Biden administration, to do renewable energy projects in Costa Rica and Jamaica.”

Frank Biden’s business interests also received millions of dollars in grants from the Department of Education towards the construction of charter schools. Joe Biden’s youngest brother described his family name as a “tremendous asset” that delivered “automatic acceptance” for government approvals of school projects and securing public funding.

“These are our grants that are discretionary, which means the Department of Education can decide who they want to give them to,” Schweizer explained. “[Frank Biden] took in millions of dollars from the Education Department while his brother was vice president of the United States.”

Schweizer added, “[Frank Biden] actually had a meeting involving his companies in the Oval Office with Barack Obama and just a couple of other individuals. If his name had been Frank Jones instead of Frank Biden, I doubt any of that would have happened.”

James Biden

Biden’s younger brother, James, worked as executive vice president of HillStone International. And guess what this firm happened to secure? How ’bout a few government contracts worth at least $1.5 billion. The contracts included an agreement to build 100,000 homes in Iraq.

Schweizer detailed the conflicts of interest related to James Biden’s position with HillStone International given Joe Biden’s oversight of ostensibly humanitarian government-funded development projects in Iraq during his vice presidency.

Kevin Justice, founder and president of Hillstone International, visited the White House in 2010 and met with Michele Smith, a top aide to then-Vice President Joe Biden who worked as a liaison to “global government officials and business executives.”

James Biden had no background in construction or international development when he joined the company. Hillstone International’s company profile of James Biden touted his familial connection to Joe Biden as a professional attribute.

“Within six months [of HillStone’s founding], they land these billion-dollar contracts to build homes in Iraq,” recalled Schweizer. “This is part of the Iraqi reconstruction after the war, and who is in charge of the Iraqi reconstruction at the time? Joe Biden, his brother. Now we have a third member of the family, who because of Joe’s position, is cashing in. In this case, taxpayer money is flowing to a member of the Biden family.”

Valerie Biden

No family scandal is complete without a crooked sister. Valerie started out managing Biden’s senatorial campaigns. She actually benefited personally from the donations sent to her brother’s later presidential campaigns. She sent $2.5 million to her political communications firm from ‘Citizens for Biden’ and ‘Biden for President Inc.’

Schweizer described Valerie Biden’s enrichment via Joe Biden’s campaign funding as “legal graft.” He recalled, “When Joe Biden ran for the senate in Delaware — obviously a very safe for him, there hasn’t been a Republican in there for 40 years — what does Joe do? Joe hires his sister to run his campaigns [and] hires her firm as a consultant. As a result, millions of dollars flow to Valerie Biden.”

“It speaks to the pattern [of] the Bidens looking at opportunities to take money, whether it’s taxpayer money, political money, or business money, and steer it to their family members for their benefit,” Schweizer explained.

Ashley Biden

Here’s a name I hadn’t heard before. I know all about Beau Biden and his tragic death. And we’ve been beat to death with Hunter Biden and his crooked dealings. But apparently, Daddy’s Little Girl is in on the scams as well.

In fact, considering Biden’s creepy reputation, my stomach turned the moment I realized a daughter grew up with this pig. However, Biden helped her out by extending his hand to son-in-law Howard Krein.

Krein launched a healthcare company, StartUp Health, in 2011. And for the cherry on top, Biden arranged a meeting between Krein and Obama in the Oval Office.

StartUp Health’s meeting with Barack Obama was a “huge hookup,” Schweizer explained, noting StartUp Health’s securing of an invitation to Health Data-Palooza, a joint conference run by federal government and health industry.

“Health Data-Palooza is very prestigious and very hard to get into,” Schweizer stated. “They get hooked up and they are put front and center in this very important conference. And that’s the beginning of the favors that happen.”

Joe Biden gave several private speeches and briefings to the partners and investors of Howard Krein’s business.

Joe Biden’s inside knowledge regarding the Obama administration’s planned healthcare policies afforded Howard Krein a competitive advantage relative to competing healthcare companies, Schweizer held.

Krein is now advising Joe Biden’s campaign on coronavirus matters while StartUp Health plans to invest $1 million in companies developing goods and services pertaining to the novel virus. Politico reported, “Krein simultaneously advising the campaign and venturing into Covid investing could pose conflict-of-interest concerns for a Biden administration or simply create the awkward appearance of Krein profiting off his father-in-law’s policies.”

Obviously, the Bidens take political corruption to a whole new level.

“The Bidens, to me, are unprecedented in the extent and scope of the corruption, because I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Schweizer determined. “I’ve exposed Republicans and Democrats. The most that I’ve ever seen up to this point was a Republican senator from Missouri that had three family members engaged in this kind of behavior. The Bidens now have five. This makes the Biden Five. In my mind, they’re the reigning champs when it comes to corrupt behavior in Washington, D.C.”

That’s quite a lot of information to process. But if you ask me, who needs the mafia? We’ve got the Bidens. And they’re crooked enough for a dozen wise guy empires. All they lack is a string of mysteriously-dead people. But I’m sure the Clintons could help with that, considering how close they all are.


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