Trolled: Raw Audio from Biden’s Earpiece During Debate

Somebody decided to troll Joe Biden’s debate performance, hinting that Biden got audio help during the debate. It closely mimics what many believe is the real truth.

We’ve now learned that many of the images suggesting Biden used an earpiece are doctored. However, the clip appeared legit for a variety of reasons.

First, because Biden seemingly had some device on him during the debates. It was spotted by multiple people, as the wire accidentally revealed itself. Also, Biden showed some device near his wrist. At least that’s what we’ve been told and shown.

Second, Biden needed help during the debate. He can’t debate without help, as he’s a demented invalid. Without handlers, Biden can’t function; he’s a shell of a man.

Regardless, check out the trolling of Biden:

Art mimics truth. So why is this relevant?

Handler: Alright Joe, if you’re paying attention you know this question is about COVID-19. Uh, you know all the statistics, 200 thousand dead. Uh, just keep talking, don’t let him interrupt you. Uh, if you get tripped up or anything we’re gonna be talking in your ear, anything you hear from this point on will be repeated out loud.

Good luck

Biden: Good luck. 200,000…

There are enough people saying they saw the earpiece first hand to make us doubt the fact-checkers. But in this age of information overload, we must acknowledge the opposite school of thought. Still, that doesn’t change the ultimate showdown between the left and the right.

People are on to Biden and the Democrats, and now they ridicule them. As I mentioned on my radio show about Biden’s debate performance, it consisted of two strategies.

One, keep saying Trump is a liar. And two, try to tie the Wuflu around Trump’s neck like an albatross. Unfortunately for Biden, neither strategy paid off.

So Biden went to Mama’s milk: his family.

Biden tried to gain sympathy with the audience about his family, particularly Beau Biden. But Trump didn’t take the bait. Instead, Trump switched the conversation to Hunter Biden.

And what an albatross that kid ended up being during the debate. So for those wondering who won the debate, I ask, “What do you remember?”

If you say Trump interrupting, then you’re on the right track. But you remember that “bitch slap” Trump gave Biden on Hunter. Twice!

And you likely remember Trump calling out Biden for having no law-enforcement union support.

Perhaps you recall Trump chastising Biden on using the word “smart”.

In short, what you remember is Trump crushing the life out of Biden like a political anaconda.

And this is with Biden likely getting help in an earpiece. For those of you still skeptical, I challenge you to study debate number two.


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