Maxine Waters: Game Over

According to Maxine Waters, it’s game over. The sun has set on the Trump Administration and there’s no looking back.

However, even if the election is certified in Biden’s favor, Trump’s Administration created a brand that will never be fully erased from Washington, DC.

If fact, Trump’s defeat (especially considering the way in which it happened) promises to ignite a fire storm to carry us another fifty years. No matter how hard leftists fight the draining of the swamp. Rest assured, many conservatives stand ready to carry the torch.

But the same vile woman who spent four years shouting “Impeach 45” now weighs in on the election.

Waters appeared on MSNBC’s “The Reid Out.”

“Of course, this president has disappointed us in every turn. I wish I could say I’m surprised at what he’s doing. This way that he is trying to make people believe that somehow he actually won the election, that the Democrats have all been a fraud, not counting the votes properly on and on. I’m not surprised. I have known that this was a man with no good values. This was a human being who really doesn’t care about others and really doesn’t care about the Constitution, democracy, none of that. He has shown it throughout this four years.

So let him keep going as far as he wants to go even though the door is closed on him now. There’s nowhere for him to go. If he wants to try and keep going to the Supreme Court, let him try. It’s over. Now, we have a president-elect and vice president who will take this country in another direction and create the change and appreciation for diversity and talent that will help the democracy to be stronger. I’m looking forward to inauguration.”

It’s funny to think Maxine Waters believes herself to be on the side of justice or truth. She’s the furthest thing from the truth. Waters took office forty-four years ago in her district. Yet she’s never done a damn thing to make her streets safer. There are more than 40k homeless in Waters’ own back yard. In fact, she lives in a $6M mansion that isn’t even in her district. Because she’d be afraid to live there.

Thus, like most liberals, Waters is a hypocrite. A loud-mouthed one, at that. And you can bet she’s out their racking up the sound bytes while she can.

It’s just too bad that Waters wasn’t tossed out on her James Brown looking head.

Waters reminds me of a saying my My mom used to like: “Thou doth protest too much.” Which means only liars need to keep talking. Because the truth stands on its own. Whereas dishonesty needs to be propped up.

Cheater, Cheaters!

Like Kevin Jackson recently put it, leftists don’t fully understand the resolve Trump supporters share.

In fact, as Jackson estimates, Trump got 80 million votes in an election that had about 140 million legal votes, and 20 million illegal, non-existent ones. That’s 80 million Conservatives versus 60 million Leftists. Indeed, we have much more support than they do.

Why do you think Trump has so many supporters? It’s another fancy little catchphrase: “Promises made, promises kept.”

Trump kept so many campaign promises, he’s a political anomaly.

The President tackled illegal immigration, border security, prescription drug costs, unemployment, waste and fraud in government, the VA, and so much more. Now compare that to his predecessor.

Wasn’t the first black president supposed to be the cure-all to race-relations? Surely, Obama was a magic pill for every problem that pitted black against white. Or was he?

Of course, Trump was the president that actually invested more in HBCU’s and tackled prison reform while simultaneously delivering the lowest unemployment rate among women and minorities in the past 75 years, or more.

And while Trump busied himself “Making America Great Again,” Democrats simply formulated an even bigger plan to steal the election.

How do I know?

“Hey Tiffany, how can you prove the democrats cheated?” I’ve faced this question a lot in the past two weeks. The answer is simple. Joe Biden.

Think about this for a second. If we only look at the people in the age group of 45 – 64 (a likely presidential age), we have nearly 82 million Americans. If we pretend that half of them are in prison, illegal, or just plain ignorant, we’d still have more than 40 million people to choose from. How did Democrats take a field of 40M, and come up with Joe Biden as the answer?

Remember, they knew in 2016 they didn’t want Trump. So, they had four long years to find someone savvy enough to beat the president. They had the most-crowded primary in the history of the DNC. The possibilities were endless.

There’s only one reason Democrats fixated on Biden. He’s too dumb to ask too many questions. And if he does ask them, he’ll forget the answers a few minutes later. So, if you ask me to prove cheating and voter fraud are both real problems plaguing our 2020 election, I can’t give you the smoking gun. But I know it’s there. The same way I know God is in Heaven and Colin Kaepernick is a waste of washed-up talent.





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