AZ May Be First to Overturn Election Results

Arizona was singled out in discussing potential voter fraud by a group of forensic data analysts. And in a meeting with Arizona legislators, data experts explained how Arizona undoubtedly had massive voter fraud in their election.

In the video below, the legislators were presented with anomalies in 4 counties. These counties were chosen in order to hide the absentee voter fraud that occurred. Moreover, the data proves that as soon as President Trump would gain a lead, the voter counts would be altered to make up the difference.

See for yourself.

Without this data, all the world knows that The Big Cheat occurred. I’ve written numerous times on Biden’s inability to get 80+ million people to vote for him or as Leftists claim, “against Trump”. Neither situation is viable.

Still, social media giants try to stop the spread of information regarding voter fraud. They pretend that Biden and Democrats got a mandate, knowing otherwise. And they promote the “fair election” narrative, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that massive election fraud occurred. The numbers simply don’t lie.

The video above is the second video where this same group presented unimpeachable evidence of voter fraud all over the country. The things that occurred are statistical impossibilities.

Arizona legislators were presented with this evidence in a Zoom meeting. I am told that many were blown away by the findings, and have called for a special session. It is believed that Arizona may be the first state to overturn its certified election.

Also present at the hearing was Scott Perry from Pennsylvania, the likely next state to reconsider.

All other states with massive election irregularities have been put on notice. The same data presented to Arizona is available for Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere. It is only a matter of time before the criminals are exposed.


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