Barr on Durham Report: An Attempt to ‘Topple’ Trump Administration

Confirming what all Americans knew and Democrats tried to hide, AG Barr announced that the Russian collusion hoax was a blatant attempt to overthrow the Trump administration.

Barr’s comments came during an interview last week with Kimberley Strassel. He provided an update to the criminal investigation into the origin of the Obama-era FBI counterintelligence probe into the Trump campaign.

Barr said that a “willful if small group of people” were involved in an attempt to “topple” the Trump administration. According to Barr, he is “in a position in life where I can do the right thing and not really care about the consequences.”

Barr made similar comments when he joined the Trump administration. He essentially said he took the job because he wanted to do what’s best for the country. And it didn’t take long for Barr to make his presence felt when he commented about the Russia farce.

Barr described to Strassel what he deemed “one standard of justice.” Because he felt this way, he appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the FBI’s 2016 Crossfire Hurricane probe.

“Of course the Russians did bad things in the election,” he says. “But the idea that this was done with the collusion of the Trump campaign — there was never any evidence. It was entirely made up.”

Barr was determined to get to the truth.

Why wait on the Durham results?

Americans were upset that any details regarding Durham took so long. In the interview, Barr acknowledged that he understood why people were upset that no results came prior to the election.

Barr noted logistical issues that prevented that from happening. He claimed the pandemic delayed federal grand juries for six months. Further, U.S. Attorney John Durham was  forced to wait till the end of 2019 for Inspector General Michael Horowitz to complete his investigation into the FBI’s conduct.

Barr suggested Americans stay vigilant. Don’t sweat that Durham isn’t the proverbial bull in the china shop. He even suggested that prosecutors who make a lot of noise tend to be far less effective than Durham.

Barr ruled out the CIA, saying they “stayed in their lane”. His appointment of Durham as special counsel expands his role. However, according to Strassel, Durham is actually laser-focused.

Mr. Barr says Mr. Durham’s probe is now tightly focused on “the conduct of Crossfire Hurricane, the small group at the FBI that was most involved in that,” as well as “the activities of certain private actors.” (Mr. Barr doesn’t elaborate.) Mr. Durham has publicly stated he’s not convinced the FBI team had an adequate “predicate” to launch an investigation. In September, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified a document showing that the FBI was warned in 2016 that the Hillary Clinton campaign might be behind the “collusion” claims.

Trust that all this new information will bleed into “The Big Cheat”. It only a matter of time before the truth is widely accepted. After that, perp walks begin and the destruction of the media and social media giants begin.

All America needs to do is make sure that the conveyor belt of ignorance, aka Leftism, stops in academia.


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