PA Vote Count now CONFIRMED Fraud

The media seems to have wholly ignored this story. But the story is huge and involves the Pennsylvania vote.

While Leftists pretend that they won the election, the world knows the truth. And little by little, things leak out about how they cheated to their “win”.

Democrats pulled every trick in the book. And while some worked and might not be discovered, others left a serious paper trail.

As NoQ Report wrote:

Pennsylvania’s Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors, or “SURE” System, tallies the votes from each county on behalf of the Secretary of the Commonwealth. It is the state’s hub for all things related to elections, including voter registrations, election finances, and yes, votes. The tally of ballots received by the 8pm deadline on November 3rd was more than 200,000 LOWER than the offical [sic] ballot count for the state. This is effectively impossible without manual voter fraud. It cannot be a clerical error as the system is designed to receive and report data in real time. It cannot be a box of missing ballots discovered in a corner somewhere. This is the clearest indication of wholesale voter fraud and ballot tally manipulation in the state and jibes perfectly with the accumulated evidence of retail voter fraud discovered across Pennsylvania.

The president tweeted about the story:

“Breaking News: In Pennsylvania there were 205,000 more votes than there were voters. This alone flips the state to President Trump.”

Note the Twitter warning about Biden’s “certified” win.

Another reason why social media needs to get its wings clipped.

As for the “certification”, this is one of the reasons I believe much more will happen soon over all of this. A writer at American Thinker asked if the president was channeling Tsung Tsu in his fight:

The buck stops with him. If nothing is happening, then that’s on him. Is he flailing away in a vain attempt to win a second term? After all that he has been through and overcome, not only to get elected in 2016, but also to stay in office for four years, accomplishing more in one term than most presidents do in two, is he about to lose it all to a senile grifter no more qualified to be president of the United States than a manager at a bowling alley?

At one level it sure seems that way. The clock is ticking with important electoral dates breezing by, getting ever closer to the final date of Jan. 20? On the other hand, President Trump may be playing a different game, one not obvious to most observers, certainly not the media or even his supporters.

Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general and strategist, author of a treatise on military strategy known as “The Art of War.” Trump is a fan, as this book which made his short list of “best leadership books.” Trump quoted Sun Tzu in this 2012 tweet, long before Twitter was fact-checking his every utterance and attaching warnings and disclaimers to each tweet.

So what is Trump up to? He now officially has the goods on PA? Who’s next?

I can tell you that a crack team of programmers and data analyst have provided state by state data that closely resembles what PA currently experiences.

I wrote about President Trump’s confidence recently:

In case you missed it, President Trump sent another shot into the heart of Democrats. And he did so in a tweet.

The president tweeted:

See you in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Don’t miss it. Information to follow!

I suggest the RINOs and others who have attempted their coup against Trump get right with Jesus!

Clearly the president looks forward to the day the Electoral College meets to vote. And Rudy Giuliani seems gleeful as well.

I predict (again!) that the Kraken will soon be cracking. As in, cracking the whip against the asses of Leftists who tried to steal this election.

The media can pretend this situation in Pennsylvania didn’t happen. But it did. Leftists should understand that this fight is far from over.

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