See President Trump’s Jan 6 WARNING Tweet to Democrats

In case you missed it, President Trump sent another shot into the heart of Democrats. And he did so in a tweet.

The president tweeted:

See you in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Don’t miss it. Information to follow!

I suggest the RINOs and others who have attempted their coup against Trump get right with Jesus!

As I’ve said from the beginning, President Trump won the election and he’s going nowhere. Why should he.

That tweet sounds like something a winner would tweet. So, I can only imagine the sh*tfest Democrats created after reading it.

Democrats begged Republicans to acknowledge Biden’s fake news title of “president-elect”. Article after article written about how Republicans won’t acknowledge Biden as “president-elect”. And of course the droning on of the talking heads on fake news TV programs.

When a handful of RINOs called Biden by the term, the media erupted. “SEE! Biden’s victory is now real!”.

Next, they begged President Trump to invite Biden to the White House. Because, an invitation from POTUS to the POTUS-elect is customary in the “smooth transition of power”. Fat chance, given what President Trump said on the subject a while back!

Now, they try to embarrass Trump into giving up.

None of what Democrats wish for will ever happen from Trump.

Trump knows he won. And he’s got the proof; proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Thus, when Team Trump reveals all they know, Democrats and their supporters will be decimated.

I speak for most Americans, at least 80 million who say, “Long overdue!”.

What does the tweet mean? Who knows. But it’s not the tweet of a loser. It’s the tweet of a man who knows something. And given all that a president can know, I suspect Trump knows a lot more than he’s let on over the past few weeks.

Unusual for Trump to keep things so tight-lipped. But when you are about to unleash the kraken, better to not let people know where.

I’ve theorized that Trump’s restructuring of law enforcement and parts of the military don’t bode well for many Democrats. I believe the president will spring the trap that leads to many perps walks. I hope these happen simultaneously for full effect. Like the FBI used to do when arresting Mafiosos.

The drama will play out soon; over the next couple of weeks. And I think the Democrats will be caught massively by surprise. Because they so want to believe the Big Cheat worked.

Jan 6. Don’t miss it!


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