Trump Orders New Furniture for Oval Office

President Trump is going nowhere. But you would never get that impression if you listen to the fake news.

Democrats have done everything possible to rid America of its greatest president. And for a lesser person, they might have succeeded.

Ironically, the Democrats published the playbook. They published fake news polls for Biden that went against all common sense on his and Trump’s popularity.

Next, they used the Wuflu to pretend people were too afraid to show up to vote in person. So mail-in ballots poured in at rates of 100 to 1 over previous elections. Rejection rates dropped from 5 percent or more to almost nothing. But as usual, Democrats overplayed their hand, mailing ballots to more people than jurisdictions have voters.

Democrats didn’t care. They publicly gloated about their big cheat, as their media minions pretend to know nothing.

Democrats threatened elected officials, including judges to go along with the ruse. Predictably, Democrats followed every step, figuring Trump would finally back down at some point. Another huge miscalculation on their part.

In case you haven’t noticed, President Trump continues as president.

And as I’ve said on my radio show, Trump doesn’t act like a man who’s moving to a new residence soon.

He recently told White House staff to stop departure procedures. And there are many other signs of his confidence.

No more intelligence briefings for Biden. While the DOD acted as if this was more procedural, don’t believe it. You don’t give intelligence briefings to traitors.

I posted on the Vice President’s recent comments about fighting for every legal vote, and against every illegal vote. In his speech, the VP shows no signs of looking for another gig. Check it out for yourself.

Meanwhile, President Trump hints daily either directly or through approved staff, that he’s going nowhere. And if the Democrats are so confident, somebody should tell Kamala Harris? Because she still hasn’t given up her Senate seat.

And now, Rudy Giuliani dropped another major hint:

You’re going to find out all at once. It’s going to be very shocking to the country.

The time for slow-walking the evidence has ended. And something tells me that around Jan 5 or 6, the president’s team will lay out all they have.

Giuliani explained what’s about to happen. And you can bet that Democrats are scared sh*tless. They should be.

About that furniture. I don’t think Trump actually ordered anything new. But I do feel confident in saying that it wouldn’t surprise me if he or Melania did.

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