Why Trump Is Blocking Biden from Intelligence Briefings

In answering the question, “Why might President Trump’s team block Biden from intelligence briefings?” Of course, there is the obvious punchline: Biden wouldn’t understand them anyway. Ba dump bump.

CNN offers more on the story:

The Trump administration prevented President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team from meeting with its counterparts at Pentagon intelligence agencies this week, according to a former senior intelligence official familiar with intelligence transition discussions.

The slowdown means the Biden team has not yet been able to meet with officials from the military intelligence agencies within the Defense Department — including the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency — even as all other meetings by Biden review teams appear to be happening smoothly now after weeks of delay.

The Pentagon denies any effort to stymie the President-elect’s team. A senior defense official told CNN that briefings had taken place on Friday for transition officials on military matters, including senior-level policy and international security issues, but not on intelligence.

Frankly, I don’t blame Team Trump from blocking Biden’s “transition” team. Because Biden is not president-elect, despite the fake news media’s declaration. But there is potentially much more to this story.

As I wrote recently, President Trump has made some interesting moves related to the military and intelligence. And he may feel it necessary to keep Biden in the dark about his actions. Especially considering some intelligence might relate to the election farce.

Lots of dots get connected. And when I consider what Lin Wood said recently of people in the DOJ who are real patriots, my antenna goes way up.

Next, consider a move President Trump made in the Department of Defense from an excellent article in American Thinker:

Trump’s choice for Esper’s replacement — Christopher C. Miller — is also interesting: Miller is a Special Forces guy.  Moreover, his appointment coincided with a Pentagon shake-up that has seen Special Forces cease to be subsets of the other branches of the military.  As of November 18, they’re now on par with them:

“I am here today to announce that I have directed the special operations civilian leadership to report directly to me instead of through the current bureaucratic channels,” Miller said during an unannounced visit to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. “This historic step finalizes what Congress has authorized and directed and will put Special Operations Command on par with the military services for the first time.”

The top Pentagon civilian official who oversees special operations had previously reported to the undersecretary of defense for policy, said Pentagon spokeswoman Navy Cmdr. Candice Tresch.

There is a second part to this story I suggest you read here.

In short, the president’s new strategy may involve the military in a very big way.

I’ve said to friends, “Don’t be surprised if the president does one of those FBI stings where he invites Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Holder and others to the White House for a “transition meeting.”

Then, Trump has them all arrested for treason!”

I speculate that President Trump has plenty of real evidence against the Democrats. The timing of things with the Durham report findings happening couldn’t be more interesting. Why so late, and why now?

Democrats continue playing the “We won!” game and pretend to have a mandate. But I refuse to bet against Trump. There are too many things happening behind the scenes.

For example, invoking elements of his Executive Order from September 12, 2018 the president has the military looking into cyber warfare against foreign enemies. Think we can’t hack our enemies to see what they did in this election. Who they funded, and who participated.

And why did the governor of Georgia suddenly decide that his election may very well have been fraudulent and agree to revisit it? Further, Trump seems awfully calm, cool and collected.

This will be an explosive week for the Republic. And I’m still putting my money on the good guys. For the record, that’s Trump and the 80 million people who voted for him.


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