Fox News REVAMPS After Dismal Ratings

The bad news continues for post-Roger Ailes Fox News. This is what happens when feminists take over, well…anything.

Just to be clear, Conservative women know how to run organizations. They run them like, well…men! Maybe even better. But that’s not what Leftist women, aka man-hating feminists, do. No, those women must keep tweaking the model. And that’s what Fox News’ feminist leader chose to do.

As multiple media outlets reported, Fox News will “revamp” a significant chunk of its daytime schedule, and launch a new opinion program at 7 p.m., which previously housed the news-focused show, “The Story.”

I love how they explain the changes, stating:

As part of the changes, many of Fox News Channel’s best known daytime anchors will find themselves leading new time slots and shows. Harris Faulkner, who hosts two hours from noon to 2 p.m., will now anchor the 11 a.m. slot as well as her noon program, “Outnumbered.”

Bill Hemmer, who took over a 3 p.m. slot previously anchored by Shepard Smith, will return to co-anchoring the network’s first two hours of news programming at 9 a.m. – and will be paired with Dana Perino.

John Roberts and Sandra Smith will co-anchor two hours in the early afternoon. And Martha MacCallum will move to 3 p.m., the hour previously led by Hemmer.

LOL on the solution. Work Harris Faulkner harder. Doesn’t Fox News know that slave days are over?!

Doesn’t that violate some sort of EEOC law regarding how many shows a Black woman can host or co-host.

And what about those other innovative solutions? Put Bill Hemmer back in the role he had during {ahem} the Roger Ailes era. They added Bush-era has-been Dana Perino with Hemmer to doom that timeslot.

Sandra Smith moves from her morning slot and partners with John Roberts in the spot where anchors go to die. And finally Martha McCallum gets demoted to the slot Hemmer couldn’t save.

Reshuffling the deck, eh. Same people, different time slots. I get it. It was the time slots that didn’t work!

What Fox News validated for millions of people is that the personalities of the network don’t carry the ratings. The Roger Ailes methodology carried the network. And just about any talking head with a modicum of talent could get ratings under Ailes.

Further, what the no-longer-new management team figured out is that the audience is sophisticated enough to know what it likes. And when Fox News followed the footsteps of the fake news media, they paid the price.

Fox News should get use to these words: DEAD LAST.

Go here to read about how Fox News broke a 20-year record.

The revamp Fox News needs:

Fox News can revamp with a new management team. And that management team needs to bring in fresh ideas and fresh shows.

I’m amazed at some of the people Fox News hires and keeps on. Further, producing shows that have no “pop,” no sizzle.

Worse, you can almost tell that some of the hosts fear going against the grain of the network’s narrative. This is particularly frustrating when you consider that most of the Fox News shows are OPINION shows.

I won’t call out specific people on Fox News. But suffice it to say some people believe they are more talented than they actually are. Want proof they are not? Look at the ratings.

Even if Fox News took a turn left, if their talent was compelling, they would maintain a big audience. There exist examples where a network didn’t do well, but a show does well, regardless. But this is not the case with Fox News.

Relationships with Trump, showcasing superior intellect over guests, or attempts at “comedy” by some won’t save Fox News. Truth in reporting and commentary will.

Or they can start accepting Chinese money like their competitors.




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