Another anti-Trump Swamp Rat Quits

President Trump wins in the end. I know Leftists who participated in The Big Cheat don’t believe this. Or do they?

Democrats have rammed through all the anti-American, anti-Trump legislation they can in only two months since the coup. And trust me; they are not finished. But I will save this subject for another day. For now, I want to focus on the trail of tears of those who buck Trump.

Fox News reports that another Trump naysayer falls by the wayside:

“When I ran for this job in 2009, I said that a District Attorney’s responsibilities should extend beyond obtaining convictions in court, and that a 21st century prosecutor’s mandate is to move our justice system and our community forward,” Vance, 66, said in a statement on Friday.

Vance’s office also touted Trump v. Vance, in which the Supreme Court ruled that Trump was not immune to a subpoena from Vance over his financial and tax records, and People v. Weinstein, which led to the downfall of entertainment mogul Harvey Weinstein.

“I never imagined myself as District Attorney for decades like my predecessors,” Vance said in a statement. Further, “I never thought of this as my last job, even though it’s the best job and biggest honor I’ll ever have. I said twelve years ago that change is fundamentally good and necessary for any institution. Having secured these lasting impacts in our communities, our public policy, and our crimefighting capacity­­, the time has come to open the pathway for new leadership at the Manhattan D.A.’s Office.”

No matter what Vance says, don’t believe him. He fully expected to stay in that role for life. Unless of course he was appointed to the Supreme Court.

I have no idea why he’s leaving. But I suspect the reason is Cuomoesque. Who did this guy molest? What child(ren) did he solicit?

People with his power don’t quit. They look for higher office. Unless they piss off the wrong Democrat(s).

Vance’s carcass hasn’t cooled, and radical Democrats have lined up to replace him. According to the article, “the race is already shaping up to be about radical change as candidates embrace substantial sentencing reform, promise not to prosecute a host of low-level offenses, and introduce plans for ‘decarceration.’”

Trump rightfully railed against Vance. The New York Democrat hack launched continual investigations into President Trump’s tax returns. The president called the charges, a “continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in history”.

In Cahoots

One thing is perfectly clear. Vance will sink to any level to get at Trump. Thus, he touts his upcoming meeting with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former counsel.

One can bet Cohen will provide quite the dog and pony show. This marks the eighth time Cohen met with the DA since his incarceration for tax evasion and campaign finance violations. If I were a betting woman, I’d venture to guess this is the real reason Vance plans to quit at the end of the year. He’s yet to find the smoking gun. And Vance doesn’t want to be left holding the bag when this investigation crashes and burns like all the rest of the leftist inquiries.



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