Asian Man’s Death in CA No Longer a ‘Hate Crime’

When is a hate crime not a hate crime? When it involves a black perp, Silly!

Check out the no-longer-a-hater murderer of a Chinese man in Oakland California:

Police in Oakland on Monday evening confirmed the arrest of a second suspect in connection with the fatal assault and robbery of 75-year-old Asian victim Pak Ho. That’s right, there are two non-racists Blacks who attacked this Chinese man.

When this story first broke, the media portrayed this crime as retaliation against Americans of Chinese descent, due to the Wuflu virus. The Guardian titled their story, “After 75-year old dies from attack, alarm increases in Oakland’s Asian community”.

Literally, moments later NBC reported on the capture of one of the perps. Check out how they described the incident:

Pak Ho, of Oakland, was on his daily walk at the intersection of Jayne Avenue and Perkins Street on Tuesday morning when Teaunte Bailey, 26, approached him, the Oakland Police department said.

Authorities said there was a dispute that resulted in Ho being robbed and injured. The victim was taken to a hospital and Bailey was later arrested in connection with the assault and robbery, police said.

There was a dispute? How funny is that?!

Apparently, Teaunte Bailey and Pak Ho disputed who really owned Pak Ho’s property.

Still, the media left people marinating in the idea that Asians were being targeted, a la Jussie Smollett story. Without saying it, the media implied that some Confederate flag-wearing redneck targeted Pak Ho after he got off the set of “Chinese Empire”.

Only this time, unlike the situation with Smollett there was a real victim. And where there is a real victim, there is a real perp. Two, in fact: Britton and his Teaunte, his accomplice.

Police tweeted about the arrest of 56-year-old Elbert Britton shortly after 5 p.m. Monday, likely as a protective measure. Can’t have people thinking that law enforcement “targeted” Britton.

As it turns out, the crime was not a hate-crime or retaliation against the Chinese. It was just your bargain-basement, run-of-the-mill robbery. The Alameda County Sheriff identified Britton as the getaway driver for robbery and homicide suspect Teaunte Bailey in the assault and robbery of Pak Ho.

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