California Shoppers: PREPARE to Get WOKE

In a bold move from California legislators, stores will now face fines of $1,000 if they have separate boys and girls departments!

Hard to believe the California legislator found time for this “bold” move in retail. According to the New York Post:

The proposal would require stores with 500 or more employees to maintain “undivided areas of its sales floor” for childcare items, kids clothes and toys, “regardless of whether an item has traditionally been marketed for either girls or for boys,” according to the legislation….

Online, any California-based businesses selling childcare items, children’s clothing or toys, would have to “dedicate a section of the internet website to the sale of those items and articles that is titled, at the discretion of the retailer, ‘kids,’ ‘unisex,’ or ‘gender neutral.’”, the bill states.

Evan Low, Chairman of the CA LGBT Caucus, coauthored the bill with Christina Garcia, CA Women’s Caucus. Low commented to the Sacramento Bee, “As much as I’d like to think of this as watershed legislation, this is something the industry is already doing. We’re just trying to play catch up,” he said.

Catch up to what? Lunacy?

I do a lot of shopping, and I’ve yet to see these ideas put into practice. When I take my kids to Burlington or Target, we still separate ourselves to head to our respective departments. I send my sons to the boys section, while my daughter heads over to girls. Apparently, I’m just some backwoods redneck that hasn’t caught on to the new unisex ways of the world.

Still, it gets more stupid, if that’s possible. Because these fools believe merging departments and removing labels is a way to help children. Especially as schools reopen from their COVID lockdowns, removing “stigma” and promoting a positive experience.

“He likened the bill to several new California laws that prohibit retailers from marking up items marketed to women, mandating that corporations appoint women to their boards of directors and establishing gender-neutral bathrooms,” reports the Sacramento Bee.

“That’s our agenda, those are our California values and that’s our agenda,” Low said.

Values? So now separate sections by gender is some sinister plot by retailers?

It floors me to hear these leftists call their actions “value-based” when it’s actually a lack of value that fuels the Leftist agenda.

Lawmakers had help crafting the language of the bill from Rob Smith, founder and CEO of The Phluid Project, a gender-free fashion brand.

“Fashion and gender is just like everything else, it’s always changing and evolving,” Smith said in an interview.

AB 1084 helps children be more expressive of their own identities, he said.

Now I get it. This is why Mr. and Mrs. Potato head are no more. It’s just Potato head. For once, I have to agree with Bette Midler.

Look, I’ll admit fashion is ever-changing. But gender? Last I checked, you are born with either a penis or a vagina. And judging by those organs, you are assigned a particular gender. No matter how much Leftists want gender choices to be “Phluid”, that doesn’t make it so.

Pop Culture Weighs-In

Just this week, Demi Lovato decided to reeducate her fans. Accordingly, she claims the ever-growing popularity of gender reveal parties likens us to Neanderthals. Completely un-WOKE.

Demi Lovato hospitalized after apparent drug overdose

Mercury News adds:

A resounding number of self-described Demi Lovato fans objected to her Instagram post that said expectant parents were unknowingly spreading transphobia by hosting gender-reveal parties.

The 28-year-old singer posted a lengthy message, originally shared by writer, artist and transgender rights activist Alok Vaid-Menon, that offered to shed light on why gender reveal parties are harmful and a trend that needs to stop.

According to the post from Lovato and Vaid-Menon, gender-reveal parties uphold a “belief system that presumes non-trans people to be more ‘natural’ than trans people.”

“This is not about being politically correct, it’s about being correct,” their post read. It explained that “transphobia isn’t just violence or prejudice against an individual trans person,” it’s about promoting that belief system. The post concluded by saying that only individuals — presumably not parents at a gender-reveal party — can determine their gender.”

Lovato thanked Vaid-Menon for “educating us always.”

Is there really an unborn baby out there feeling offended because dear old Dad set off a blue smoke bomb in anticipation of his arrival? Or shall I say it’s arrival?

And what’s wrong with these people who’ve spent their time coming up with this objection? Clearly, there must be better things these libtards could do with their time. Maybe they could figure out how to get Biden to utter a coherent sentence?





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