Chinese Cotton Might EXPOSE Biden’s Crooked Deals

This story intrigues me, because we may soon see just how much influence the Chinese have around the world.

The story involves cotton and slaves.

Mentioning those two words together leads to leftists salivating. Because cotton and slaves invokes blacks. And Democrats love to use blacks when talking oppression.

While there is an entire campaign now to protect Asians, that “fake news” campaign will get tested.

I got this email from a friend who lives in China. He informed me that the Chinese government set the narrative that their cotton is not picked by slaves. But many American (and other) companies aren’t so sure.

From my friend:

Use Xinjiang cotton or your China business will be destroyed

Nike, Adidas join brands feeling Chinese social media heat over Xinjiang | Reuters

Shares of Anta Sports Products Ltd and Li Ning Co surged, while shares in Adidas, Inditex and H&M fell on Thursday.

State tabloid Global Times said Spain’s Inditex, owner of Zara, had “quietly removed” a statement on Xinjiang from its English and Spanish-language websites.

An Inditex webpage stating that the company was highly concerned about reports alleging social and labor malpractice in various supply chains among ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang was live on March 24, a Google cache showed, but now appears to be unavailable.

商务部回应H&M抵制新疆棉花:希望纠正错误做法避免商业问题政治化 _中国经济网——国家经济门户

“The Ministry of Commerce responded to H&M’s boycott of Xinjiang cotton: hoping they will correct wrong practices and avoid politicization of business issues”

Gao Feng, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, responded at a regular press conference on March 25 that the so-called “forced labor” in Xinjiang, China, is completely illusory. And the pure white and flawless Xinjiang cotton cannot be smeared by any forces.


Here’s what foreign brands have to say about Xinjiang – AP

American apparel brand Gap Inc. confirmed in a statement on its website that it does not source any garments from Xinjiang. “At Gap Inc., we have strict policies against the use of involuntary labor of any kind in our supply chain,” it said…

New Balance previously said on its Canadian website that it did not have any manufacturers of finished products or key material suppliers in Xinjiang. As of Thursday, that statement was no longer accessible.

A battle of the titans brews. Only, America under Biden is no longer a titan. Many people believe that Biden is completely controlled by the Chinese.

Still, my friend provided more information on this “human rights” issue that Biden will undoubtedly ignore:

Muji promotes Xinjiang cotton as Chinese netizens lash rivals – Nikkei Asia

Ryohin Keikaku, the company that operates Muji, has conducted due diligence on all companies in Xinjiang that are involved in its supply chain, a company spokesperson told Nikkei Asia. The investigation was done by an independent auditing body, based on the Xinjiang Supply Chain Business Advisory from the U.S. government and other guidance issued by institutions and governments such as the OECD.

Xinjiang cotton controversy spills into virtual battle, as Tencent removes Burberry outfit from Honour of Kings, China’s top game | South China Morning Post

Internet giant Tencent Holdings has removed two Burberry-designed “skins”, outfits worn by video game characters, from its popular title Honour of Kings on the grounds that the British fashion house refuses to buy cotton produced in the Xinjiang region – a move that signals China’s wider consumer boycott of foreign brands, from H&M to Nike.

The action, announced on Thursday by Tencent’s [Honor] of Kings team in a post on microblogging platform Weibo, was taken days after the Shenzhen-based company unveiled a deal with Burberry to promote its outfits in online games. The team did not give a reason for the move.

Tencent’s decision, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter, was related to Burberry’s position on Xinjiang-produced cotton as a member of the Better Cotton Initiative.

For those unfamiliar with Chinese companies, the CEO is not the head of the company.

A person called the “Party Secretary” runs companies. And the Chinese government arbitrarily takes ownership percentages of companies in China, akin to Mafiosos in America.

So there is no question as to how the Chinese economy will react to those who won’t use slave cotton. The question is will Biden provide safe haven for companies who refuse the demands of China? We all know the answer to this.

Who knew that cotton has the potential to bring down racist Democrats. Ironically, cotton may expose just how little Leftists care about slaves. Further, cotton proves just how much in control China really is of Joey Demento.


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