More Allegations Haunt Cuomo

“I did not have sexual relations with that women, Miss Lewinsky.” Talk about famous last words of a fool!

Of course, it turned out that President Bill Clinton lied. There was a blue dress, after all. But it’s classic leftist denial. Harvey Weinstein said he was innocent too. Now, Governor Cuomo cloaks sexual harassment allegations of former employees as bad jokes. The problem is – more employees are coming forward. And they’re not laughing.

In the world of politics or for any public figure, sexual harassment and sexual abuse accusations stay hidden for only so long. The truth roils just under the surface until the need to purge the turmoil becomes bigger than the holder of those truths. You see, sexual abuse is a scourge on the soul and a burden that one carries, whether complicit in part of the misconduct or completely innocent.

As a female, I try to always be a spectator to any situation, especially sexual abuse or assault charges. Mostly, I try to be an honest spectator. Realizing first and foremost that the human condition can mar, cloud, and distort any situation. Communication 101 teaches you that each person has a different perspective and interpretation of any single event. Two people sharing an experience will have different perspectives.

That’s the beauty of individuality.

We each bring with us our own life experiences and world view which is what forms our opinions or accounts of certain experiences. The downside – it’s also what makes sexual harassment allegations so difficult to resolve. The ultimate he said/she said scenario.

Truth be told, I end up diving down a lot of rabbit holes, vetting accounts from every angle before I can get a feel for the truth. As well, I watch for body language, verbiage, accuracy, honesty, personal accountability, collaboration, emotions, emotional stability, one’s history, and sometimes, intuition. That being said, I hold myself accountable for why I lean a certain way. It’s a skill most leftists lack.

For example, Bill Clinton clearly lacks a sense of personal accountability. And it played a huge part in his impeachment.

Clinton was elected president on rumors and stories of the Gennifer Flowers affair. Democrats didn’t care. They elected him anyway. Juanita Broderick said Clinton raped her in a hotel room. Her story was corroborated. But he was never charged. There was Paula Jones, who sued the president for sexual harassment, which was an ugly mess. And of course, Monica Lewinsky – one of the saddest abuses of power of a subordinate by a man who callously capitalized on a young intern’s crush. An intern who was the same age as his daughter.

In a press conference on January 26, 1998, Clinton said:

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.”

He further added:

“I never told anyone to lie, not a single time. Never. These allegations are false and I need to go back to work for the American people.”

During the time, I studied Clinton carefully.

What I picked up on was his body language, nuances, verbiage, and trust-worthiness, of which Bill Clinton had none. What rang out immediately to me was his use of “that woman.” Interestingly, he caught himself and realized how harsh, arrogant and disdainful that sounded. But Billary is a savvy duo. The pair knows how to work a scandal – because they’ve been there so often. He then added the gentler “Miss Lewinsky.”

President Clinton was impeached on charges of perjury for lying to a federal judge under oath, and for obstruction of justice. Interestingly, he was acquitted on both charges.

Now, the great Governor of New York is up against his own massive sexual abuse allegations.

The first allegations came from Lindsey Boylan, a former executive aid, who said Cuomo forcibly kissed her. The newest allegation is from Charlotte Bennett, his 25-year-old executive assistant from 2019-2020. She was transferred out of his office after going to her boss to complain.

Cuomo allegedly asked her about her sex life and if she’d have sex with older men. More disturbing, the Governor knew Bennett was a victim of sexual assault when she told him she was going to her alma mater to talk to students about it.

In a statement by The New York Times of Bennett:

“She was also surprised by Cuomo’s seemingly fixation’ about her being a survivor of a sexual assault after she mentioned going back to her college to speak to students about the issue.”

According to The Times:

Bennett reportedly texted a friend. “The way he was repeating, ‘You were raped and abused and attacked and assaulted and betrayed,’ over and over again while looking me directly in the eyes was something out of a horror movie…It was like he was testing me.”

Bennett said of her time being mentored by the Governor, that she realized was “grooming.” That part struck a chord. It implies a calculated manipulation.

Today, CNN adds to the story:

Charlotte Bennett, the second woman to go public with sexual harassment allegations against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, says she thought the governor was trying to sleep with her and she was deeply uncomfortable with questions he asked.

“I thought, he’s trying to sleep with me. The governor is trying to sleep with me. And I’m deeply uncomfortable and I have to get out of this room as soon as possible,” Bennett told “CBS Evening News” anchor Norah O’Donnell in an interview.
Bennett was asked what made her think Cuomo was trying to sleep with her.
“Without explicitly saying it, he implied to me that I was old enough for him and he was lonely,” Bennett said.
“He asked if I had trouble enjoying being with someone because of my trauma,” Bennett added, explaining that she had previously told the governor that she had a history of sexual assault.
Bennett also said Cuomo asked her if age difference mattered in a relationship, saying that he had said “he was fine with anyone over 22.”

A page out of the Bill Clinton handbook on sexually abusing and intimidating younger women.

Governor Cuomo denies making any sexual advances toward Bennett and denies Boylan’s allegations. Of course, he can’t deny telling a reporter he’d like to see her “eat the whole sausage.” The video is right here. But I’m sure Cuomo’s going to try. The problem is – in the last several weeks on the heels of the abject horrifying admission of lies about the Nursing Home Covid deaths, men and women that have worked with Cuomo have all said he has a pattern of bullying, intimidation, and retribution, including Mayor de Blasio.

Who Should We Believe?

It’s a no-brainer. Boylan, Bennett, and likely countless others base their accusations on truth. And part of what makes Bennett’s story so important is the fact that she reported Cuomo to his Chief of Staff. Which is why Cuomo’s lies to save his hide don’t fly. Because we know the Chief of Staff relayed Bennett’s complaint, and that means Cuomo DID know he was offending people.

Of course, we know he lies.

Cuomo’s assistant, Melissa DeRosa, admitted he lied about the nursing home deaths. A big fat, huge, disturbing lie. We are witnessing in real-time, the lengths he’ll go to save his career.

Here’s the question we need to be asking:

To what lengths will he lie about the sexual harassment and sexual abuse he committed against the young women that worked for him?

But, here’s an epic revelation:

Governor Cuomo is personally responsible for his abject failure of leadership, and the subsequent cover-up of thousands upon thousands of nursing home deaths. Your mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, neighbors, and friends. It’s his fault and he lied about it.

My guess is he’s as guilty about the abuse of young women in his office and the subsequent cover-up. I suspect there’ll be more. He’s just as guilty as President Bill Clinton.

See a pattern here?

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