Fake News Media Tries to Cover Fauci’s Buttocks

Fauci the Fraud got torched by Congressman Jim Jordan. He refused to answer the question Jordan asked.

A simple question too. “What measures would he be willing to recommend giving some Americans back their freedoms?”

Check out Jordan beating the little lying Leprechaun into submission:

Clearly, Congressman Jordan got to the little weasel. Now Fraudci is rightfully taking heat for not recognizing that a scamdemic doesn’t allow the government to restrict American’s freedoms.

Democrats got the memo: freedom wins over scamdemics. Thus, they circled the wagons for Fraudci.

CNN and other fake news media to his rescue.

Dana Bash set up the scam artist referencing a poll. Bash claims that 43 percent of Republicans don’t want to get the vaccine.

Clearly Bash set up a few t-balls for Fraudci. Note that he merely repeats what Bash says.

As for the poll number on Republicans who refuse the vaccine, you can bet the farm that number is BS. The number is much higher, I predict.

Monmouth reports that 25 percent overall won’t get the shot, and only 36 percent of Republicans. But this poll preceded the poll Bash referenced.

Although efforts are ramping up to distribute COVID-19 vaccines and many are receptive to and have already gotten the shot, a notable portion of Americans remain generally opposed to the idea, according to new data released Monday from Monmouth University.

About 1 in 4, or 25 percent, of people surveyed are “unwilling” to get the vaccine, despite roughly 60 percent of respondents reporting largely favorable perceptions of the vaccine rollout so far.

In that poll, 6 percent of Democrats refuse the vaccine.

Frankly, I don’t believe the Monmouth poll. I’m not doing the math, but I think both these numbers are low. And since Monmouth polled prior to the CNN segment with Fraudci, it appears the number of Republicans refusing the vaccine is growing.

Here’s an interesting factoid: 25 percent of Congress refuse to get the shot. And my bet is the other 75 percent knowingly got a placebo.

Although Democrats spin the recall by various Big Pharma and the deaths, I believe the public is aware of the dangers of the vaccine versus getting the virus.

Recently, it was reported that 40 percent of Marines refused to get the shot. They probably figure it’s difficult to protect the nation when you have palsy or you’re DEAD! Again, I don’t believe those numbers. Put simply, there is no poll by Democrats that I believe.

Still, Fraudci can’t understand how Republicans are being counter-intuitive. Get the shot and the country will open up. The man is obviously obtuse to the idea of freedom. He believes that the government gives people freedom, not God. So Fraudci can’t imagine why Republicans just don’t give in. For him, it’s simply: if you want freedom, capitulate to the government.

Doesn’t government supposedly serve the people, not the other way around?

Fraudci doesn’t get it. And that’s because (1) he’s paid not to get it, and (2) he’s a big government Leftists, and thus refuses to get it.

The truth about this scamdemic is getting out. And this little medical fraud Fraudci won’t be looked at too kindly by history.




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